With the real thing nowhere to be seen, we asked the AI ​​what would happen in The Doors of Stone

Stone doorsThird book by Patrick Rothfuss The Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy, has been a long time coming. The second book in the trilogy, Fear of the wise man, came out in 2011. The story of Kavothe, the genius, still has a long way to go. Perhaps fitting it all into one book is why Rothfuss is taking so long to write the third book.

In any case, Rothfuss is pretty quiet about it Stone doors For years, so we have no way of knowing how long it is. Maybe he’s almost done. He may not have written anything beyond the title. All we know is that we don’t read it.

But where flesh and blood fail, perhaps cold hard steel can succeed. We asked OpenAi’s chatbot ChatPGT to predict what would happen Stone doors. Check out your Chrome Lord predictions below:

ChatGPT predicts what will happen Stone doors

When we asked ChatGPT this question, it warned that it could make guesses, even if it didn’t have inside information. Stone doors “Based on previous books in the series and general fantasy storytelling.” Here’s what they said:

  • Resolution of Kavothe’s story: “The Doors of Stone” is supposed to provide a resolution to Kvothe’s story. We finally get to know the truth behind various mysteries like Chandrian, his lost abilities, and his conflict with Ambrose.
  • The Kingkiller’s Chronicle: Kvothe’s transition to becoming the legendary figure known as “Kvothe the Kingkiller” can be traced more deeply. This may include his interactions with the monarchy, political intrigue and events that led to his infamous reputation.
  • Stone doors: The title of the book suggests that the mysterious doors mentioned in the series will play an important role. These doors can lead to important events or revelations that shape the climax of the story.
  • Chandrian: The mysterious Chandrians, a group of powerful and feared individuals, are likely to be central to the story’s resolution. Kvothe’s quest for revenge against them can be seen in this book.
  • University: The university where Kvothe studied and learned magic can be revisited. Kvothe’s interactions with his mentors and his continued exploration of magical abilities can be highlighted.
  • Relationships and personal growth: Kvothe’s relationship with Denna, Bast, and others can see development and resolution. His personal growth and how he comes to terms with his past could be the main themes.
  • Epic battles: Epic battles or conflicts, possibly involving magic and skills acquired by Kvothe. This can probably be linked to the legends and stories woven throughout the series.

As always, ChatGPT is pretty vague in its predictions. Also, it is possible Stone doors Maybe the trilogy won’t wrap up. At one point, described Rothfuss The Kingkiller Chronicle As a “million-word prologue” to some larger story. And for how long That Take one to develop?

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