Why Rex’s latest 737 is all economy seats from tip to tail

Forget reclining leather behemoths – Rex Airlines is shaking up the Australian domestic scene with a unique twist on Business Class. Their newest Boeing 737, the tenth to join their fleet, might surprise you at first glance. Instead of plush recliners, you’ll find standard economy seats. But wait, before you cry foul, hold onto your boarding pass – this “Euro-style Business Class” offers a surprising blend of practicality and luxury.

Here’s the deal: while you won’t get your own private pod, you’ll enjoy the perks of Business Class without the cramped middle seat. That’s right, say goodbye to elbow jostling and hello to spacious comfort. You’ll still be treated to the full Business Class experience, with gourmet meals, premium beverages, and attentive service. Rex is bringing the international trend of efficient cabin layouts Down Under, focusing on service and experience rather than seat size.

This temporary setup – specifically on flights ZL233/ZL243 between Brisbane and Melbourne – is a savvy response to the busy summer holiday period. The newly leased 737, previously flown by American ultra-low-cost carrier Avello, is being pressed into service to meet increased demand. Rex assures passengers that this is a short-term solution, with plans to upgrade the aircraft to their standard Business Class configuration shortly.

So, what does this mean for travelers? Rex’s Euro-style Business Class offers a cost-effective way to experience premium service without breaking the bank. You’ll get the essentials – spacious seating, delicious food, and attentive service – while enjoying the unique novelty of this innovative approach. If you’re looking for a comfortable and efficient journey between Brisbane and Melbourne, Rex’s “Euro-business class” might just be the perfect ticket.

Rex's latest 737 will temporarily sport an all-economy cabin.Rex’s latest 737 will temporarily sport an all-economy cabin.

In early 2024, our aircraft is scheduled for refurbishment, where the initial rows of economy seating will be replaced with eight state-of-the-art business class seats. A Rex spokesperson affirms that these upgraded seats mark the introduction of the first six business class seats on our 737s, featuring the well-known ex-Virgin Australia business class design. This distinctive configuration sets them apart from the previously leased Virgin Australia 737s acquired by Rex.

Rex’s strategic vision includes further expansion of its 737 fleet, not only to enhance inter-city flight options but also to establish a comprehensive national network, connecting cities such as Perth.

It’s worth noting that the additional 737s may introduce diversity in seat configurations, particularly in terms of the ‘hard product’ – the physical seating elements.

look familiar?  Six of Rex's ten 737s have these Virgin Australia seats.look familiar? Six of Rex’s ten 737s have these Virgin Australia seats.

The initial six Boeing 737s incorporated seats from Virgin Australia’s fleet, matching those previously leased by Virgin to Rex. As Virgin replaces its own 737 seating, Rex has embarked on a revamp, introducing new business and economy seats. Two additional Rex 737s, sourced from the now-defunct SilkAir of Singapore Airlines, feature SilkAir seats. Meanwhile, the rest of the 737s are equipped with seats from Indian carrier Jet Airways. Rex reveals plans to retrofit the latter three jets with the upgraded seats, ensuring a consistent and upgraded in-flight experience.

Since launching its inter-city 737 service on the competitive Sydney-Melbourne route in March 2021, Rex has steadily expanded its operations to cover Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, and the Gold Coast.

As the prominent ‘country challenger,’ Rex has firmly positioned itself as Australia’s third airline. While dominating inter-city routes, Rex is perceived as a formidable player, falling between Jetstar and Virgin Australia, rather than posing a direct threat to arch-rival Qantas.

Looking ahead, Rex is set to unveil its Flyer Loyalty Program in February 2024. This program promises a points-based system for upgrades from economy to business class. Additionally, it introduces three elite tiers—Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond—providing enhanced privileges for our valued customers. Stay tuned for an elevated travel experience with Rex.

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