Virgin Australia Velocity Silver Guide + how to earn + perks 2024

Virgin Australia frequent flyer program offers a clear pathway to elevated status, divided into four tiers: Red, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier comes with distinct benefits, and the journey from one to the next is seamlessly outlined.

While the pinnacle perks, including the coveted Sleep – Ability to have lounge access, priority boarding, and forward flying, are reserved for higher tiers, Velocity Silver, the second rung on the loyalty ladder, boasts a host of valuable benefits.

Upon attaining Velocity Silver status, members unlock the advantage of earning 50% more points on eligible flights. This boost in points accumulation adds a rewarding edge to every journey. Additionally, travelers with Velocity Silver enjoy the convenience of priority check-in when venturing abroad, streamlining the pre-flight experience.

Increased baggage allowance on most flights is another noteworthy perk for Velocity Silver members. This means more flexibility in packing and a more comfortable travel experience, especially for those who appreciate the convenience of packing a little extra.

Beyond these tangible benefits, Velocity Silver offers a stepping stone towards higher tiers, where even more exclusive privileges await. As members progress through the loyalty ladder, they can look forward to enhanced rewards, making their travel experiences more enjoyable and rewarding.

In essence, Velocity Silver not only signifies a noteworthy achievement but serves as a gateway to a world of travel benefits within Virgin Australia’s frequent flyer program. From elevated points earning to priority services, this tier caters to the discerning traveler, setting the stage for an enriching journey towards higher status levels.

How to earn Virgin Australia Silver frequent flyer status

Securing the coveted Velocity Silver Card is a straightforward process, requiring the accumulation of 250 Status Credits within a 12-month period. A key condition is that at least two of these flights must be undertaken on a Virgin Australia VA flight number.

In the subsequent years, maintaining your Velocity Silver tier becomes even more accessible, necessitating only 200 status credits through Virgin Australia flights and the completion of two ‘eligible sectors.’ This maintenance requirement positions Velocity Silver as a more attainable status compared to Qantas Frequent Flyer Silver.

Earning both points and status credits is not limited to Virgin Australia flights alone; the benefits extend to a network of partner airlines. Collaborations with Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines, and Qatar Airways present ample opportunities to accumulate points and status credits.

This strategic partnership broadens the scope of travel options and ensures that Velocity Silver members can progress towards their goals with flexibility and convenience. As you continue to explore the skies, the Velocity Silver Card becomes not just an achievement but a symbol of ongoing access to a world of travel rewards.

A few business class trips are all you need to reach Silver status.A few business class trips are all you need to reach Silver status.

For those focused on domestic travel, the key to achieving Velocity Silver status lies in strategic flight planning. By completing five return trips between Sydney and Melbourne or Brisbane, specifically opting for Flex Economy fares, individuals can position themselves for Silver status within the first year. Additionally, three return trips in business class between these major cities can also contribute to reaching this coveted tier.

However, the journey to Silver status becomes notably shorter for those embarking on long-haul flights. Combining a return business class expedition across the country, connecting any of the three eastern capitals to Perth, with a mid-range Choice Economy return trip—such as the route from Sydney to Cairns—proves to be an effective strategy for securing Velocity Silver.

This tailored approach emphasizes the importance of flight choices and fare types, enabling travelers to efficiently accumulate the necessary Status Credits. As you strategize your travels, keep in mind that Velocity Silver is not just a status; it’s a gateway to enhanced travel privileges and benefits. Master the art of domestic travel, and unlock a world of rewards with Velocity Silver.

Lounge access for Virgin Australia Velocity Silver members

For Silver Frequent Flyers with Virgin Australia, the journey is not just about reaching a status; it’s about accessing a world of exclusive privileges. Upon achieving Silver status, travelers are entitled to visit Virgin Australia’s domestic lounges twice annually. Whether utilizing both passes independently or bringing a companion along, these complimentary visits offer a taste of premium travel.

Two complimentary lounge passes are given when you reach Silver, and two more lounge passes are given every time you stay.

Post-utilization of the initial passes, Silver members can still relish discounted access to the lounges on subsequent travels. For those seeking unlimited lounge luxury, a one-year lounge membership is available at a reasonable $399, devoid of any joining fees. Furthermore, committed Virgin Australia enthusiasts can opt for a lifetime lounge membership, priced at $9,750.

Elevating the travel experience, Silver status ensures that members receive two complimentary lounge passes upon reaching the tier, and an additional two passes are granted with each subsequent stay. While Velocity Gold and Platinum members enjoy lounge access on Virgin’s partner airlines, Silver stands as a testament to the exclusive perks awaiting frequent flyers within the Virgin Australia ecosystem.

Indulge in the comfort and sophistication of Virgin Australia’s lounges, making each journey a seamless blend of luxury and convenience with your Silver Frequent Flyer status.

Checked baggage allowance for Virgin Australia Velocity Silver

For Virgin Australia’s Silver members, the perks extend beyond the lounge to the baggage carousel, making travel more accommodating. On domestic and short international flights, Silver members enjoy the privilege of an additional 23 kg baggage allowance on Economy fares, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey without incurring extra charges. However, it’s essential to note that this additional allowance does not apply to Business Class fares.

The advantages of Silver status also reach beyond Virgin Australia’s own flights. Some of the international airline partners collaborating with VA, such as Etihad, Hong Kong Airlines, and South African Airways, extend slightly higher baggage allowances exclusively to Silver cardholders. This enhanced baggage offering contributes to a more convenient and enjoyable travel experience, allowing Silver members to pack more without the worry of exceeding limits.

Embrace the freedom to travel with added luggage flexibility, a distinctive privilege granted to Silver Frequent Flyers as they embark on their journeys with Virgin Australia and its esteemed international partners.

Business Class Upgrade to Virgin Australia Velocity Silver

Velocity Silver frequent flyers enjoy a seamless journey towards the comfort of Business Class through the efficient use of Velocity points. The distinctive benefit allows Silver members to utilize their points for a confirmed upgrade right from the moment of booking on domestic flights. This streamlined process stands in contrast to the ‘Bid Now Upgrades’ system employed by Qantas, where opportunities for better seats only arise closer to the departure date.

Fly across Australia and back in business class and Silver status is almost yours.Fly across Australia and back in business class and Silver status is almost yours.

The ability to secure a confirmed upgrade using Velocity points offers Silver members a planning advantage, ensuring an elevated travel experience with the luxury and amenities associated with Business Class. Embrace the convenience of leveraging your Velocity points to enjoy the privileges of Business Class travel, making every domestic journey a refined and enjoyable adventure.

Bonus points and perks for Virgin Australia Velocity Silver

When you hold Velocity Silver status, your journey becomes even more rewarding with an exclusive boost in Velocity points. Experience the advantage of earning 50% more Velocity points on Virgin Australia flights, including those booked with a VA flight number but operated by United Airlines.

On the ground, your car rental expenses turn into points with a remarkable rate of 4.5 points per $1 spent when partnering with renowned providers like Hertz, Europcar, and Thrifty. Enhancing your global travel, enjoy a 10% bonus on Etihad flights bearing an EY flight number.

Accelerate through the airport process with the privilege of priority check-in, available for international flights with Virgin Australia and select partner airlines such as Capital Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and South African Airways. Note that while this perk applies internationally, on domestic Virgin Australia flights, Silver guests will need to adhere to the standard queue. Elevate your travel experience with Velocity Silver and reap the rewards at every turn.

Singapore Airlines is a partner airline of Virgin Australia with which you can earn status.Singapore Airlines is a partner airline of Virgin Australia with which you can earn status.

Embark on a seamless travel experience with Etihad Velocity Silver status, providing exclusive access to priority boarding lanes. This sought-after benefit distinguishes Etihad Velocity Silver members, offering a streamlined boarding process not extended to Virgin Australia’s own Silver Velocity counterparts.

Take advantage of this premium perk as you board your Etihad flights, ensuring a swift and efficient transition from the airport to the skies. Elevate your journey with priority boarding – one of the many advantages that come with Etihad Velocity Silver status.

More Benefits of Velocity Silver

Enjoy a heightened level of service with Silver membership, providing you with priority phone support that surpasses non-members and those with basic memberships. This exclusive benefit ensures reduced wait times, whether you’re seeking assistance with points redemption, upgrading to business class, or making changes to your flight itinerary.

Say goodbye to long waits and hello to expedited support, tailored to meet the needs of Silver members. Elevate your experience with responsive and efficient customer service, adding an extra layer of convenience to your travel journey.

If you can't do business, Silver members can sit further back than their Red counterparts.If you can’t do business, Silver members can sit further back than their Red counterparts.

Upgrade your travel experience with Velocity Silver membership, allowing you to secure seats slightly closer to the front on Virgin Australia flights. While extra-legroom emergency exit rows may involve an additional fee, the overall benefit promises a more comfortable journey.

In moments of uncertainty, Silver frequent flyers enjoy an increased likelihood of receiving a standby boarding pass. This advantage ensures a better chance of making it home for dinner or arriving before your children go to bed, setting Silver members apart from other travelers. Elevate your travel priorities and enjoy added convenience with Velocity Silver.

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