Virgin Australia, Qatar Airways partnership guide 2024

Since its inception in 2022, the strategic collaboration between Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways has swiftly evolved into a coveted asset for members of Velocity and Privilege Club. This partnership extends a host of benefits, including mutual lounge access, streamlining global travel experiences under a single ticket.

Virgin’s expansive community of over 11 million Velocity members gains additional perks, such as the ability to accrue Velocity Points and status credits on Qatar Airways flights. Furthermore, members can leverage their accumulated points to secure bookings across all Qatar Airways cabins, spanning First Class and Qsuites in business class.

Reciprocally, Qatar Airways Privilege Club members enjoy advantageous privileges, earning Avios and Qpoints when flying with Virgin Australia. This multifaceted collaboration aims to elevate the travel experience for both sets of loyal members, fostering a seamless and rewarding journey across international skies.

Doing their best: Partners Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways.Doing their best: Partners Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways.

Here’s how the Virgin Australia, Qatar Airways partnership works.

Virgin, Qatar codeshare flights

A strategic codeshare agreement has seamlessly intertwined the extensive networks of Qatar Airways and Virgin Australia. This transformative collaboration involves Qatar Airways flights to over 150 global destinations adorned with a VA code, mirroring the reciprocal application of the QR prefix on all Virgin Australia flights. This strategic alignment empowers travelers with the convenience of booking a unified journey, exemplified by the ability to seamlessly transition from a Virgin Australia flight from Cairns to Sydney to Qatar Airways’ onward connection, such as flights to Sydney-London. The unified booking experience enhances travel flexibility and efficiency for passengers exploring diverse routes under this mutually beneficial partnership.

Virgin, Qatar ‘Earn and Burn’

In a harmonious partnership between Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways, frequent flyers now enjoy the liberty to select their preferred ‘currency’ for accruing rewards – Velocity Points or Avios. This choice is based on the loyalty program in which their memberships are registered, allowing tailored rewards accumulation against their respective bookings.

This flexibility extends to Velocity Status Credits for Virgin Australia members and Privilege Club Qpoints for Qatar Airways enthusiasts. Specifically, Velocity members embarking on a Qatar Airways-operated flight with a VA flight number reap distinctive benefits, while those on a Qatar Airways-operated flight with a QR number experience a separate set of advantages.

Reciprocity further unfolds as Virgin Australia regulars can leverage Velocity Points to secure seats on Qatar Airways, while committed Qatar Airways patrons have the option to convert their Avios into Virgin Australia flights. This inclusive arrangement extends to award redemptions for Business Class on both Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways.

While the precise details of points and status credits earned by Privilege Club members on Virgin Australia-operated flights are yet to be disclosed, this collaboration marks a significant stride in providing travelers with tailored rewards and flexibility across both airlines’ loyalty ecosystems.

Redeeming Velocity Points with Qatar Airways

For avid travelers eyeing Qatar Airways, the opportunity to redeem Velocity Points for flights across the airline’s extensive Middle Eastern network is now at hand. Whether it’s an economy, business, or first-class journey, frequent flyers can leverage their Velocity Points for an array of rewarding experiences.

The redemption process aligns with a sector/mile-based reward points table, akin to the structure employed for Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways flights. To ascertain the reward value for a specific route, travelers can seamlessly utilize Virgin’s mileage calculator. This tool reveals the mileage count for the chosen route, subsequently correlating it with the comprehensive reward points table.

This seamless process empowers travelers with the flexibility to optimize their Velocity Points for a gratifying Qatar Airways travel experience, further enhancing the appeal of the Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways partnership.

You can trade in your Velocity Points for a flight in Qatar Airways' luxurious Qsuite.You can trade in your Velocity Points for a flight in Qatar Airways’ luxurious Qsuite.

Illustrating the practical application of the reward points system, let’s consider a one-way journey from Sydney to Doha spanning 7,691 miles (12,305 kilometers). This travel distance corresponds to nine zones within the Partner Rewards points table.

For travelers eyeing the luxury of a business class experience, the redemption cost stands at a minimum of 121,000 points. Meanwhile, those aspiring for the pinnacle of opulence with a first-class seat can secure their journey with 177,000 points.

This transparent breakdown exemplifies how Velocity Points can be strategically utilized to unlock an array of travel possibilities, offering a clear roadmap for redemption on the Sydney to Doha route.

Bonus Velocity Points on Qatar Airways flights

A standout perk of Velocity status lies in the opportunity to accrue bonus points. In the collaborative partnership, Velocity Platinum, Sleep, and Silver members who embark on a Qatar Airways operated flight, bearing a VA flight number, stand to gain additional bonus points atop the foundational points.

The bonus structure is as follows:

  • Silver members enjoy a 50% bonus on points.
  • Gold members revel in a 75% bonus on points.
  • Platinum members seize a remarkable 100% bonus on points, augmenting their base point earnings significantly.

This enticing bonus system enhances the travel experience for Velocity members, adding a lucrative layer to their point accumulation journey.

Virgin Qatar lounge access

Elevated members of both Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways frequent flyer programs relish privileged access to a spectrum of airline lounges.

In the case of Qatar Airways, Privilege Club Gold and Platinum members unlock entry to any Virgin Australia lounge—excluding those designated as invitation-only (as per policy). This privilege extends to their departure on domestic VA flights, while access upon arrival is not permissible. This exclusive lounge benefit enhances the travel experience for elite flyers, ensuring comfort and luxury at every stage of their journey.

Privilege Club members can enjoy access to Virgin's extensive domestic lounge network.Privilege Club members can enjoy access to Virgin’s extensive domestic lounge network.

Carrying a Velocity Gold, Platinum, or Beyond card in your wallet grants you exclusive access to Qatar Airways’ premium lounges worldwide,

However, lounge privileges at Qatar’s Doha hub are limited to the same lounge as regular Qatar Airways passengers and Oneworld Partners—the Platinum and Gold Lounge for Velocity Platinum and Gold members respectively—rather than the more luxurious Al Safwa First Lounge and Al Mourjan Business Lounge reserved for Qatar Airways’ own first class and business class passengers. This ensures elite Velocity cardholders enjoy enhanced travel amenities as they embark on their global journeys.

virgin qatar status benefits

While lounge access stands out as a prominent perk, Velocity and Privilege Club frequent flyers can revel in additional advantages. These include priority check-in, expedited boarding, a more generous baggage allowance, and bonus Velocity Points or Avios services,

Identifying the benefits tailored to your situation is straightforward, as the tiers of Virgin Australia Velocity and Qatar Airways Privilege Club neatly align:

  • Velocity Silver = Privilege Club Silver
  • Velocity Gold = Privilege Club Gold
  • Velocity Platinum = Privilege Club Platinum

Being one of Virgin Australia’s 15 partner airlines, Qatar Airways joins the likes of Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, and United Airlines, with the exception of Etihad Airways and Hawaiian Airlines. This alliance ensures an array of privileges for elite status members, enhancing the overall travel experience.

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