US believes Chinese defense minister under investigation, says FT

Defense chief Angus Campbell has warned that artificial intelligence and “deep fake” technology could increase the “erosion of truth”, fragment society and reduce the ability to deter adversaries.

In a rare public speech, Campbell said that non-Western countries were the most advanced in developing military doctrines that “can be won without fighting,” particularly China’s People’s Liberation Army and its “three wars” strategy that includes psychological operations, the media and influencing public opinion. . and to protect Chinese interests using international and domestic law.

Defense chief General Angus Campbell said the rise of artificial intelligence could erode public trust in elected officials. Alex Ellinghausen

He said that while “informational disruption” is increasing rapidly, instantaneously and globally in such an approach, the emergence of AI-generated deep forgery now poses new risks and increases uncertainty.

“As this technology matures so quickly, there may soon be a time when it will be impossible for the average person to distinguish fact from fiction,” General Campbell told an Australian Strategic Policy Institute dinner on Thursday.

“This technological future could increase the erosion of truth, greatly challenge the quality of what we call public ‘common sense,’ seriously damage public trust in elected officials, and erode the trust we owe to them.

“Uncertainty undermines our traditional understanding of deterrence by undermining our ability to calculate, our certainty of credibility, and our clarity of communication. Uncertainty is cowardice’s bedchamber, a perfect foundation from which others can conquer without a fight.

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