Turkish Airlines explores partnership with Rex

Turkish Airlines, known for its luxurious inflight experience and extensive global network, is gearing up for an exciting expansion Down Under. Following the green light for daily flights to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, the Istanbul-based carrier is casting a keen eye towards Rex Airlines as a potential domestic partner.

This partnership holds immense promise for travelers. Imagine seamless travel on a single itinerary: combine the comfort and service of Turkish Airlines on your long-haul journey with the convenience of Rex’s extensive domestic network. No more hopping between airlines and airports – just one smooth journey from Istanbul to your final Australian destination.

But the benefits extend beyond convenience. For frequent flyers, this collaboration could create a harmonious alliance between the Miles & Smiles and Rex Flyer loyalty programs. Imagine accruing points and enjoying status perks throughout your entire journey, no matter which airline you’re flying.

As Turkish Airlines chairman Ahmet Bolat aptly stated, “Our responsible team is already in talks with another partner in Australia – Rex is a respected airline and, as we see, is expanding strongly in the domestic Australia market.” Rex’s impressive growth in key cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane resonates with Turkish Airlines’ ambitious plans.

While Perth isn’t officially on Rex’s current map, Bolat’s mention alludes to a potential future collaboration, aligning with Rex’s aspirations for a nationwide jet network. And who knows, the newly granted 21 weekly flights between Turkey and Australia might see red-tailed jets gracing Perth’s skies sooner than we think.

While official confirmation of the partnership awaits, whispers from Aviation Week and Rex’s own cautious silence add fuel to the excitement. With early 2024 earmarked for the inaugural Turkish Airlines flights to Australia via Singapore, the suspense is building.

This potential partnership marks a significant chapter for both airlines. For Turkish Airlines, it’s a gateway to deeper penetration into the lucrative Australian market. For Rex, it’s a chance to leverage its domestic dominance and tap into the vast international network of a renowned carrier.

For travelers, it’s a win-win. Imagine affordable access to Australia’s stunning landscapes and vibrant cities, coupled with the seamless convenience of a single-ticket journey and the unified rewards offered by the Miles & Smiles and Rex Flyer programs.

So, keep your passports at the ready and mark your calendars. Turkish Airlines and Rex are plotting a course for a delightful Down Under adventure, and you won’t want to miss the boarding call.

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