This Humanoid AI ‘CEO’ is not the future, it’s nightmare fuel

The excitement around AI is starting to wane – ChatGPT’s user base is shrinking, Microsoft is trying to smush AI into as many products as possible, and both companies and government departments are putting extra scrutiny on the developing technology – but that doesn’t mean we won’t see it from businesses anytime soon. The weirdest AI-powered stuff will see an end. Case in point: Mika, the ‘experimental CEO’ of the Polish company Diktador (a beverage company).

News of the robotic boss first broke in July, when Mika was first introduced to the world – but a recent report from Reuters revealed that Mika doesn’t have weekends off and is “always on 24/7”. Shocking, right?

Don’t be put off by the video, but this is silly. The Dictador created a completely new job role as essentially an animatronic with the same skin and facial features as Sylvester Stallone in Planet Hollywood.

Mika allegedly helps her underlings in Dictator through company decisions, which is hilarious in the video, with the honor of Five Nights at Freddy’s Mimicking human movements across a table while a group of employees sit down for a meeting.

“Prior to her promotion, Dictator originally had Mika identify potential clients,” according to Reuters. “But now her duties have expanded to include selecting artists to design custom bottles.”

“My decision-making process relies on extensive data analysis and alignment with the company’s strategic goals. It is unbiased, impartial and ensures policy choices that prioritize the best interests of the organization,” Mika said – perhaps there is an AI dataset behind the skin-like mouth that conjures up this word soup, but Dictador hasn’t shared which one it is. (Gizmodo Australia has asked, though).

And I listened Unbiased? like me know It’s not a living thing we’re talking about here, but we can’t ignore that technology is inherently, always, biased and dependent on data input by its creators.

“Oh she is definitely, in fact, the CEO,” Marek Szoldrowski, president of Dictator Europe, told Reuters. “Her data-driven capabilities and what she brings is a huge asset and benefit to the company.”

Szoldrowski said then that key executive decisions are still in human hands.

None of this is to say that AI is likely can’t Help humans with some stuff – Tools like ChatGPT and Bard can be great for difficult tasks like consolidating lists, converting time zones, or other things to simplify tasks.

But Mika, I’m sorry, you’re probably too expensive and you’re not the need To look like a man. Opening Google Chrome can cause your laptop to shut down.

Ok, we are at the end of the article, go home. Grab an AI-generated can of Coke on the way out.

Image: Reuters/YouTube

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