The new Starfield Combat AI and stealth modes address some of the game’s biggest issues

Published: 2023-09-12T06:40:12

Updated: 2023-09-12T06:40:25

In Starfield’s expansive universe, players often find themselves struggling not only with external challenges, but also with the game’s combat AI and stealth mechanics. However, modders have now stepped in, offering solutions that promise to redefine the Starfield experience.

One mod that quickly gained traction last week was “Experimental Combat and Stealth AI Overhauls” by NickMillion.

With over 7,000 downloads and over 180 supports, this mod transforms the combat experience in Starfield by making various adjustments to Starfield’s AI.

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The result? A smarter companion system and more intuitive combat and stealth dynamics.

Starfield combat gameplayBethesda

Enemy AI is frequently criticized by the community

The mod’s “experimental combat AI” ensures that NPCs are more decisive, making them scramble to cover faster and engage more coherently as a group. They now use advanced tactics, from suppressive fire to finding optimal firing positions.

“Experimental Combat AI 2” further refines these tactics, especially when it comes to using cover. Players can expect NPCs to be more strategic, often using grenades to take them out.

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Stealth gameplay also sees a significant improvement with an “experimental stealth AI”. NPCs now display better item persistence, alerting allies when a corpse is found or any suspicious activity is sensed. This makes stealth more challenging but more rewarding for players who master it.

Player feedback on Nexus Mods has been largely positive, saying “This will go down as one of the most important mods added to the game” and “Totally approve of it. Competent AI and fast-paced more fun gunfights.”

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Starfield gameplayBethesda

Players can expect improved combat experiences with combat and stealth overhaul modes

But AI is not the only point of contention. Starfield’s melee combat has been described by many as “lame” and “underwhelming”. Players who prefer melee builds often feel outclassed, longing for the satisfying melee combat seen in previous Bethesda titles.

Still, there is a silver lining on the horizon. Todd Howard, the visionary behind many of Bethesda’s iconic titles, recently confirmed that Starfield will receive official mode support in 2024. This announcement has raised hopes among the community, expecting more innovative mods that will further enhance the game.

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But for now, players can at least look forward to tackling the AI ​​and stealth improvements with this popular new mode.

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