Starfield players keep building ugly starships the AI ​​can’t destroy

Starfield Players continue to build hideously ugly spaceships that cannot be destroyed by the game’s bombastic enemy AI.

A strange story of StarfieldThe enemy’s starfighter AI seems to aim dead center of your ship with every shot it fires. But how to defeat such a laser-accurate enemy? Just build a ship without a middle.

Reddit user Morphalath was the first to assemble the shiny piece, presenting a ship defined by a large open square at the top, supported by four long trunks at each corner that hold the ship’s various hubs, engines and cargo holds.

Because the Starfield The enemy AI shoots at the center of mass of the ship, and since Morphlath’s ship is designed in such a way that the center of mass does not drift, their shots pass harmlessly through the superstructure and do no damage to the ship. Thus, since the AI ​​cannot adjust its aim, Morphlath’s ship is effectively vulnerable to attack. There’s nothing the enemy AI can do to bring down the ship (save a good old fashioned ram, which can only happen by accident).

But it’s not the only design to successfully fool enemy AI. Take Reddit user Solace_of_the_Thorns’ design, amusingly dubbed The Fat L. By forming their ship in a sideways L shape, with the cockpit and all the ship’s ‘vital organs’ on the vertical axis, the enemy AI is again rendered helpless.

In the days since this discovery, countless other users have been testing new and strangely distorted starship designs to control enemy fire.

Either way, it’s something to think about when designing your own ships. There’s also a browser-based ship builder that you can use to sketch out your ideas before working with the in-game builder. Please go to the Kotaku AU Discord and show me yours Starfield Ships, I’m actually desperate for ideas. I have the Mantis ship, but I want to experiment with some builds of my own and would love a little inspo.

Image: Bethesda, Morphleth on Reddit

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