Snowflake’s CEO says people won’t remember a world without AI soon

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  • Snowflake CEO Frank Slotman emphasized the impact of AI in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer.
  • “People will soon be unable to remember the world before AI because it has become such an integral part of their life experience,” he said.

Frank Slotman, CEO of data storage and analytics company Snowflake, compared artificial intelligence to a search engine and said that soon many people will not remember a world without it.

“I’ve lived long enough to remember what the world was like before the invention … the invention changed everything,” Slotman said. “People will soon be unable to remember the world before AI because it has become integral to their life experience.”

Slotman said Snowflake is taking to AI “like a fish to water,” saying he is bullish on AI’s enterprise potential.

Citing machine learning, “a lesser form of AI,” he noted how it is becoming mainstream and adopted by many businesses.

Not only this, but the new AI technology will go even further, he said.

However, he also noted that the hype around generative AI doesn’t make much sense for big data companies.

“We’re either at or near the top of the hype cycle, it seems like there are only two letters left in the alphabet these days,” Slotman said of AI.

“We’re fascinated by using generative AI to plan our next trip to Yellowstone and summarize ‘The Great Gatsby’ — but “the industry doesn’t do that,” he said.

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