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Worldwide travelers often encounter Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program, a rewards system that acknowledges dedicated members with bonus miles, lounge access, and priority boarding as they progress through status tiers via frequent flying. Yet, there exists another tier above KrisFlyer—the PPS Club, which awards status based on dollars spent rather than miles flown. This exclusive club offers distinct advantages, some of which are not found in the KrisFlyer program.

One standout perk is the prestigious Star Alliance Gold Card, elevating the travel experience for PPS Club members. Additionally, members enjoy exclusive PPS Rewards, and notably, there’s no expiration on KrisFlyer miles—a significant departure from the standard three-year limit. This is just the beginning; at the next tier of the program lies an even more exclusive status: Solitaire. Explore the unparalleled benefits that come with this elite level.

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How to become a Singapore Airlines PPS Club member

The PPS Club presents two distinct status levels: the introductory PPS Club and the more exclusive Solitaire tier.

Gaining access to the PPS Club is a straightforward process—achieve a ‘PPS Value’ of £25,000 within a span of 12 consecutive months, and the doors to this exclusive club swing open, welcoming you with open arms. Explore the tiers of privilege and rewards that await at the PPS Club and its exclusive Solitaire level.

Business environmentBusiness environment

The PPS value is a calculated metric derived from the cash expenditure on suites, first, and business class flights with Singapore Airlines, excluding airport taxes. This total is then converted into Singapore dollars.

For instance, consider a business fare (excluding taxes) for a Sydney to Singapore route, generating approximately £2,638 in PPS value. This is computed by converting an AUD$2,940 fare into SGD$2,638 using the current exchange rates.

It’s crucial to note that flights on partner airlines, bookings in economy or premium economy, and any portion of fares paid with KrisFlyer miles are ineligible for PPS value calculation.

To sustain PPS membership, consistently earn a minimum of Rs 25,000 in PPS value annually. Any value accrued beyond Rs 25,000 is designated as PPS Reserve, contributing towards PPS Club membership renewal in subsequent years.

As an example, if you amass 40,000 PPS value in the second year of membership, 25,000 will be utilized for re-qualification, and the remaining 15,000 will be reserved. In the third year, the Rs 15,000 reserve will be applied first, requiring an additional Rs 10,000 in the new PPS value to retain membership for the fourth year.

How to become a PPS Club Solitaire member

Reaching the pinnacle of Singapore Airlines’ membership hierarchy, the Solitaire PPS Club, demands the accumulation of 50,000 PPS value within a 12-month timeframe—twice the requirement for the standard PPS Club.

The criteria for PPS value calculation, the reserve system, and the specified eligible flights align with the requirements detailed above for PPS Club membership. Explore the elevated privileges and benefits that come with achieving the prestigious Solitaire PPS Club status.”

Benefits of PPS Club and Solitaire

  • Upon achieving PPS Club status with Singapore Airlines, a plethora of remarkable benefits await you, including:
    1. Access to the SilverCrisis Business Lounge when traveling on SQ
    2. Enhanced baggage allowance for both yourself and family members sharing the same flight
    3. KrisFlyer members enjoy an indefinite expiration date as long as PPS membership is maintained
    4. Priority services for immigration, boarding, and redemption on Saver Award flights
    5. Ambassador level membership at Chrishopper
    6. Coverage under Overseas Emergency Medical and Travel Accident Insurance
    7. PPS Rewards, akin to KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards

    Upon reaching Solitaire status, you gain access to advanced features such as

Lounge access for PPS Club members

Being a tier above the highest KrisFlyer level, Elite Gold, the PPS Club offers more favorable lounge access arrangements.

When departing from Singapore on Singapore Airlines-operated flights, PPS Club members gain exclusive access to the SilverCris Business Class Lounge. For flights outside Singapore, members are welcomed into the Singapore Airlines SilverCrisis Lounge, where available. Explore the enhanced privileges that come with PPS Club membership

PPS members enjoy access to the SilverCris Business Lounge.PPS members enjoy access to the SilverCris Business Lounge.

An integral aspect of PPS Club membership is the inclusion of Star Alliance Gold Membership, granting PPS Club members access, along with a guest, to over 1,000 partner lounges worldwide when flying with a member airline.

Yet, when departing from Singapore in premium economy or economy on a Star Alliance flight not operated by Singapore Airlines, PPS Club members are directed to the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge, a more standard option, instead of the typical SilverCris Business Class lounge. Explore the expansive lounge benefits that accompany PPS Club and Star Alliance Gold Membership

Lounge access for Solitaire PPS Club members

Beyond the mentioned perks, Solitaire PPS Club members enjoy exclusive access to the first-class section of the SilverCrisis lounge when departing on Singapore Airlines-operated flights.

However, access to the private room is limited to those flying in first class or suites class, irrespective of their status. Business class passengers are not eligible for entry.

For those not flying with Singapore Airlines, the standard rules of Star Alliance Gold membership apply. Explore the heightened lounge privileges that come with Solitaire PPS Club membership.

Baggage Allowance for PPS Club/Solitaire Members

Say goodbye to excess baggage concerns as PPS Club and Solitaire PPS members revel in expanded baggage allowances with Singapore Airlines:

  • 25kg for Economy Value/Light Fare
  • 30kg for Economy Standard/Flexi
  • 35 kg in Premium Economy
  • 40 kg in Business Class
  • 50 kg in First Class

On most Virgin Australia flights, Economy Class travelers can bring two additional bags weighing 23 kg each, while Business Class allows for one extra bag at 32 kg. Vistara provides an additional 10 kg for any destination, and Virgin Atlantic offers an extra checked bag, weighing up to 23 kg.

When journeying with another Star Alliance airline, members receive a bonus of 20 kilograms of excess baggage on most flights, or an additional allowance on routes to and from North and South America. Explore the hassle-free travel experience that comes with the elevated baggage privileges for PPS Club and Solitaire PPS members

More PPS Club Solitaire Benefits

Attaining the esteemed Solitaire status becomes reality when you accumulate £50,000 in PPS value over a year, bringing forth additional and cherished benefits.

As a Solitaire PPS Club member, you gain the privilege of presenting a complimentary Solitaire PPS Club membership card. This exclusive card bestows upon the fortunate recipient many of the same advantages as the standard PPS Club, with an added bonus—access to first-class lounges. Explore the enhanced benefits that come with reaching the £50,000 PPS value milestone for Solitaire status.

Sidle up to the first class bar for a pre-flight toast.Sidle up to the first class bar for a pre-flight toast.

Experience travel at its finest as a Solitaire PPS Club member with Singapore Airlines, reveling in personalized benefits like dedicated First Class check-in and immigration facilities at Singapore Changi Airport’s T2 and T3.

Your Solitaire PPS Club membership ensures your status takes precedence, providing priority on waitlisted flights. Additionally, relish the privilege of priority access when securing saver-level reward flights using KrisFlyer miles.

Venturing across the Asia-Pacific region, Solitaire PPS Club members are eligible for reimbursement of application costs for the APEC Travel Business Card (ABTC). Dive into the exclusive perks that elevate your travel journey with Solitaire PPS Club membership.

Singapore Airlines PPS Club Rewards Explained

The all-encompassing PPS Club package offers exclusive rewards to members upon reaching specific milestones, mirroring the milestone rewards structure found in the regular KrisFlyer Program.

Upon achieving 30,000 pps, members are granted two Double KrisFlyer Miles awards, effectively doubling their KrisFlyer Miles on two chosen flight sectors.

Reaching a value of 40,000 pps entitles members to 50,000 KrisFlyer miles, which can be utilized for their subsequent upgrade or flight redemption booking.

Solitaire PPS members achieving milestones of 60,000, 75,000, and 100,000 in PPS value receive advance upgrade vouchers at each level. Embark on the rewarding journey that accompanies the attainment of these PPS Club milestones

Advance Upgrade Reward is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.Advance Upgrade Reward is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Experience an elevated travel journey with Solitaire PPS Club vouchers, granting holders a one-class upgrade on any Singapore Airlines flight, confirmed at the time of booking (subject to availability). Not applicable on Economy Lite (Q, N, V, K), Premium Economy Lite (R), or Business Lite (D) bookings.

For PPS Club members who are also KrisFlyer members, continue earning KrisFlyer miles, elite miles, and PPS Value on the same flights.

Accumulating PPS value is seamless, even when crediting flights to a separate partner frequent flyer account like Virgin Australia Velocity. This allows you to earn Velocity points, Velocity status credits, and PPS value simultaneously.

Moreover, this card simplifies travel logistics by eliminating the need for a separate visa application for each APEC country. Enjoy the added convenience of bypassing regular immigration lines in participating countries

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