Should you buy Cloud Pro for $20?

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Anthropic has been making waves with its Cloud AI chatbot, now sweetening the pot with the unveiling of Cloud Pro, a subscription-based service category. While the basic Cloud AI variant has impressive capabilities that surpass many free offerings — including ChatGPT — the rise of ChatGPT Plus, boosted by the power of the GPT-4 language model, begs the question: How does Cloud Pro measure up?

What is Cloud Pro?

Cloud Pro elevates the Cloud AI experience with an arsenal of enhanced features over its free counterpart. Priced at a competitive $20 monthly, this service is on par with other market players including ChatGPT Plus. It harnesses the power of Anthropic’s state-of-the-art Cloud 2 language model and is currently accessible to subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom. For those with technical wizardry and a knack for VPNs, global use is not far off.

Cloud AI’s free tier is nothing short of a sensation, claiming millions of users every month, though its availability is limited to two geographies. Its prowess has caught the attention of industry bigwigs like Quora, which has integrated cloud AI into its Poe AI platform.

Should you buy Cloud Pro for $20?
Cloud Pro elevates the Cloud AI experience over its free counterpart with an arsenal of enhanced features (Image: Kerem Gulen/Midjourney)

Here’s where things get interesting. Cloud AI and ChatGPT take different strategies when it comes to separating their free and premium offerings. ChatGPT offers its free users access to the stable-robust GPT-3.5 model, while reserving the more powerful GPT-4 for its premium customers. On the other hand, Cloud AI uses its Cloud 2 model in both its free and premium segments. It makes one wonder: What’s the lure of upgrading to Cloud Pro?

Cloud 2 AI is out but can it take ChatGPT’s throne?

At the end of this exploration, we advocate that while both Cloud Pro and ChatGPT Plus have their unique strengths, choosing between the two involves aligning your specific needs with their capabilities. It’s not just about ‘going pro’; It’s about going pro with purpose.

Cloud Pro Price

Mirroring the ChatGPT Plus subscription model, Claude Pro costs $20 per month, or £18 for our friends across the pond. This pricing strategy is fully in the ring with ChatGPT Plus, setting the stage for a compelling showdown in the subscription-based AI chatbot arena.

Cloud Pro vs Cloud

Dealing with usage limitations has become a frequent headache for those who have integrated cloud AI into their daily routines. While the good old days of unrestricted access may seem like a distant memory, it’s unclear whether these bottlenecks are due to an increase in user numbers or a strategic move to transition users to membership. Either way, Cloud Pro aims to alleviate such frustrations, with a quintal increase in usage cap compared to its free tier.

For the enthusiasts and professionals among us who can’t afford the hassle, this higher usage limit makes a compelling argument for upgrading to Cloud Pro. The paid tier guarantees seamless interaction with Cloud AI, with no issues either due to overwhelming user demand or any possible artificial limitations in the free tier.

Should you buy Cloud Pro for $20?
Cloud AI and ChatGPT take different strategies when it comes to dividing their free and premium offerings (Image: Kerem Gulen/Midjourney)

Just like ChatGPT Plus, Claude Pro members get the VIP treatment with early access to new features and updates. Still, as it stands, the gap between the free and premium tiers remains less dramatic than one might expect. We anticipate that Anthropic will continue its evolutionary strategy, gradually strengthening Cloud Pro’s offering and making it more attractive over time.

We believe Cloud Pro, like its competitors, is gradually adapting its services to meet user needs and industry standards. As such, it’s not just about the current capabilities but the promise of what the platform can become that will inspire you to click subscribe.

ChatGPT vs Cloud Pro

Navigating an AI chatbot domain can be like choosing a fine wine: is it about a famous vineyard or an up-and-dog? Currently, while ChatGPT’s GPT-4 reigns supreme, Claude AI’s Claude 2 model is hot on its heels. Beyond raw computing power, there are areas where Cloud AI leaves even ChatGPT in the dust.

Let’s discuss in detail. Claude AI’s ace up its sleeve is a whopping 100,000-token context window, dwarfing ChatGPT’s modest 4,096-token window. Simply put, with Claude, you can study long, complex conversations without missing a beat, a feat not fully mirrored by ChatGPT Plus. Furthermore, ChatGPT limits its GPT-4 users with message caps, while Cloud Pro is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Designed for those with an insatiable appetite, it ensures power users rarely, if ever, hit a wall.

Should you buy Cloud Pro for $20?
Cloud AI’s ace up its sleeve is a whopping 100,000-token context window (Image: Kerem Gulen/Midjourney)

For the budget-conscious among you, weighing each cost, adopting the robust free version of Cloud AI and nimbly moving between Cloud, ChatGPT, and Google Bard based on the task at hand may be the smartest strategy.

But here’s some food for thought: If parting with $20 doesn’t make your eyelids droop, maybe, just maybe, investing in Cloud Pro (or ChatGPT Plus) is worth it, purely for convenience. Remember, it’s not just about the raw performance – it’s also about the seamless experience, and sometimes that’s the price of admission.

Why Cloud AI is your new gateway to complex tasks

In this battle of chatbots, we advocate a pragmatic approach: identify what you value more—sheer power, extended conversational capabilities, or a combination of the two. That’s where your $20 should go.

How to use Cloud Pro?

So, you’ve read the pros and cons, weighed the features, and are now leaning toward jumping on the Cloud Pro train. Great choice! But how do you get from actually thinking about it to chatting with enhanced abilities? Don’t be afraid; We’ve got you covered with a simple, yet detailed, guide to get you on board.

  • Open your preferred web browser and go to the Anthropic website. Once there, click or tap on the ‘Talk to Cloud’ option.
  • If you are already part of the Cloud AI family, enter your login details. New here? Don’t worry—just follow the instructions to create an account.
  • Find your profile icon? It is usually in the upper right corner. Click or tap on your user dashboard to open it.
  • Find and click or tap on ‘Upgrade to Pro’ option.
  • Select your preferred payment method and input the required details. If Cloud Pro is as sharp as it claims, it should have no problem processing your payment details.
  • Follow any additional on-screen instructions to seal the deal. Security check, OTP, you know the drill.
  • At this point, the ‘Subscribe’ button should be flashing like a light. Click or tap on it to confirm your subscription.

And voila! You are now a bona fide Cloud Pro member. Feel free to explore and uncover the extended capabilities of chatbots. Finally, you’ve got it!

Should you buy Cloud Pro for $20?
While ChatGPT limits its GPT-4 users with message caps, Cloud Pro is like an all-you-can-eat buffet (Image: Kerem Gulen/Midjourney)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for Cloud API?

Easy-calm! To get things started, navigate to Anthropic’s web console. Here, you can start the application process. Once approved, go to your account settings to generate that oh-so-important API key. Now, you’re all set to integrate Cloud into your grand plans.

What is the price tag on the Claude API?

For a batch of 1,000 words, the Claude API will set you back $0.0465. By comparison, if you’re looking at the Cloud Pro Premium subscription, it’s $20 per month.

Featured Image Credit: Kerem Gulen/Midjourney

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