Sam Altman was awarded Indonesia’s first ‘AI Golden Visa’

On September 5, Indonesia rolled out the red carpet for OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Altman became the first foreigner received This special status as part of the newly introduced Golden Visa program. The visa, a golden ticket for Altman, not only allows him ten years of residency but also grants him VIP treatment at Indonesian airports.

VIP treatment for OpenAI CEO

Apart from the prestige of being the inaugural recipient, Altman receives many privileges with this golden visa. He can stay in Indonesia for up to ten years. Furthermore, CEOs can skip airport queues through priority screening lanes. As a result, he can quickly enter and leave the country without the hassle of certain documents such as temporary residence permits.

Interestingly, Indonesia introduced the golden visa just last week to lure wealthy people who can contribute significantly to the national economy. The typical cost for a five-year Golden Visa is $25 million, with a ten-year visa costing $50 million. However, the government must still specify that Altman met these criteria or was selected because of him international reputation In AI technology.

The decision comes as Indonesia, the world’s 16th largest economy with a population of 275 million, is desperately trying to embrace AI. Altman’s Golden Visa award perfectly aligns with Indonesia’s drive to increase investment in AI and tech-related industries. Additionally, the OpenAI CEO is already a public figure in international tech circles, having recently met Indians Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the United Kingdom are on the guest list for the upcoming AI Security Summit.

Altman’s Golden Visa is also on his world tour discussing AI regulation. During this discussion, he tackled the promises and challenges offered by AI technology. As such, it benefits from its newly acquired visa status and is an optimistic sign for Indonesia’s future in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

Attracting global talent and investment

Immigration Director-General Silmi Karim said countries that have adopted the golden visa policy, such as Denmark and the United Arab Emirates, have reaped substantial benefits. The move is a promising example for Indonesia as it takes a calculated leap into the AI ​​future.

As a result, this golden visa to Sam Altman is a strategic move to become a global AI hub. The visa paves the way for high-net-worth individuals to invest in the country and, in turn, promote Indonesia’s national interests in technology and innovation. With countries around the world watching closely, Indonesia’s bold move could set a new standard for attracting foreign investment in AI.

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