Quantum AI Review 2023: Is Quantum AI Legit or Scam?

How Quantum AI Works

Quantum AI specializes in facilitating contracts for difference (CFD) trading, a derivative method that provides the ability to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at predetermined prices and times. CFDs enable long and short positions in crypto trading, forming the foundation of quantum AI’s functionality.

Quantum AI’s Bitcoin Robot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for real-time market analysis and trend assessment, finding optimal entry and exit points. Users can customize bots according to their preferences, increasing control and risk management.

The bot collaborates with regulated brokers responsible for trade execution and management, an integral part of Quantum AI’s operations. While limited information is available about these brokers, developers claim their approval and regulatory compliance.

Quantum AI Key Features

Quantum AI boasts several impressive features that warrant a closer look:

Multi-currency support: During our Quantum AI review, we found that this trading bot has three major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). While not the most versatile option, it provides enough flexibility to diversify your investment portfolio. However, please be careful while trading due to the inherent volatility of the market. Open positions only when you have a properly defined strategy.

trading system: Quantum AI leverages advanced artificial intelligence-based trading systems. This autonomous bot analyzes the market and identifies profitable trends, with developers claiming an impressive success rate of 90%. However, approach such claims with skepticism and maintain strict trade management practices, especially given the notorious volatility of the crypto market.

High payout: Quantum AI’s autopilot system generates up to $2,200 daily earnings, requiring only a $250 initial deposit on the platform. As your deposit amount increases, so does your profit potential. Regardless of your experience in cryptocurrency trading, it is important to do thorough research to minimize potential risks.

Mobile application: Quantum AI offers a mobile application, which allows access to their accounts and transactions on the go. This feature sets it apart from many trading platforms, as it caters to individuals who may need to use a laptop or desktop computer, such as for work or school commitments.

Demo account: The Quantum AI trading platform offers a demo account that closely mirrors live trading conditions. This invaluable resource allows experienced traders to familiarize themselves with crypto bot operations and develop a trading strategy before entering the cryptocurrency market with real fiat currencies.

Quantum AI Fee Structures

To access Quantum AI’s live trading capabilities, users must make a $250 deposit processed by a partner broker. This deposit is the trading capital the system uses to engage in CFD asset trading on your behalf. Interestingly, there is no monthly subscription fee associated with using Quantum AI.

Generally, reputable brokers do not charge any fees for creating an account. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious when considering platforms that demand upfront payment before being granted access to the features of Quantum AI.

Traders should be aware that a modest commission will be deducted from their profits when trading with Quantum AI. Making a deposit is a prerequisite for using this automated trading bot. Thus, you need a thoughtful financial plan and budget to assess whether Quantum AI matches your specific trading requirements.

Quantum AI offers a deposit bonus, which encourages newcomers to join and experienced traders to increase their trading experience. Keep an eye on these bonuses and consider testing the robot’s capabilities through its demo account before fully participating in live trading.

Quantum AI Security

When examining quantum AI platforms, several concerns emerge. The most important issue is the anonymity surrounding its creators and owners. Another questionable aspect is the bold claim of a 90% success rate, which looks more like a marketing ploy than a true performance indicator.

Nevertheless, Quantum AI still presents itself as a valuable trading bot. It is developed by a team of knowledgeable mathematicians and trading experts who are well aware of market trends. Their commitment to continuous platform improvement ensures users an enhanced trading experience.

Furthermore, manufacturers demonstrate a strong commitment to protecting users’ assets. They collaborate with regulated brokerage firms, ensuring that all brokers associated with their platform comply with Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulations. Upon registration, users are connected with a regulated broker in their region, providing secure and localized services.

Is Quantum AI Legal?

While Quantum AI has received both positive and negative reviews, consider the overall sentiment. Sites like TrustPilot have 23 reviews, with mixed opinions, resulting in a significantly lower overall score.

However, many expert review sites express favorable opinions about Quantum AI. The platform presents specific claims implying legitimacy:

  • Quantum AI’s trading system runs on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency. All transactions on your account can be easily tracked and potential disputes can be resolved through smart contracts.
  • Hidden fees are not part of Quantum AI’s fee structure, including comprehensive fee information on the trading resource dashboard.
  • Quantum AI only partners with regulated brokers. Preliminary inspections of their 15 partner brokers confirm their compliance with regulatory standards.
  • The platform prioritizes industry-standard security measures, including data encryption and strict adherence to data privacy laws.

However, you should be careful because these factors do not guarantee the validity of quantum AI. Therefore, we recommend starting with a minimum deposit of 250 USD/EUR/GBP and making modest withdrawals after making some profits to directly assess the platform’s reliability.

How to use Quantum AI?

Getting started with Quantum AI is a straightforward process and the following sections will guide you through the steps to register your account, make deposits and withdrawals, and start your initial trade. This will ensure easy access to crypto trading with Quantum AI.

Account registration

The initial step to join Quantum AI is to register your account. This includes providing your personal information and confirming via email or phone. Required details include your email address, phone number and full name. Quantum AI does not mandate Know Your Customer (KYC) verification during sign-up.

After successfully creating your account on Quantum AI, you can expect to be contacted by a customer support representative within the next few hours. Their aim is to help you complete any remaining steps, ensuring you have all the necessary information and tools you need to confidently start trading on the platform.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Once your account is established, you will need to make an initial investment to start trading activities on Quantum AI. The minimum deposit required is $250. The platform includes various payment methods including bank transfer and credit/debit card.

Quantum AI increases flexibility in depositing and withdrawing funds. Deposits are accepted via credit and debit cards and bank transfers in major fiat currencies such as EUR, GBP, JPY and AUD.

For withdrawals, the platform facilitates instant Bitcoin payouts with no maximum withdrawal limit. It allows users to easily access and manage their funds within the platform.

Starting your business

Quantum AI is designed to simplify the trading process for users. As a trading robot, it uses artificial intelligence to assess market conditions and trade on your behalf. The platform offers the opportunity to trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) in various asset classes including cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, commodities and indices. To start trading, you must configure your trading account and take advantage of the platform’s resources to trade through the web trader or mobile application.

While using Quantum AI, you will be engaged in CFD trading, which enables both long and short positions. It analyzes cryptocurrency prices and other market dynamics, such as volume and momentum, that can affect price movements. With a minimum investment of $250, you can start exploring the numerous trading opportunities presented on the platform, potentially capitalizing on the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

Quantum AI FAQ

Who owns Quantum AI?

Quantum AI is owned by Quantum Ai Ltd, a UK corporation with experience in robot technology since 2003. Initially, it catered to investors with a high monthly license fee, but in 2016 it became accessible to all users. Former bankers and quantitative analysts in the development team.

Can I Trust Quantum AI?

Quantum AI is rigorously tested and considered highly reliable. It uses strong encryption methods to secure user data and funds. However, it operates in a volatile market, which can lead to huge losses for uninformed users. To minimize risk, you should thoroughly research the platform and use stop-loss and trading-limit tools.

Is Quantum AI a Scam?

No, Quantum AI is not a scam. It is an innovative trading system that delivers on promises made to users and adheres to trading rules. Numerous testimonials from former and current traders confirm the reliability and effectiveness of the platform.

How to join Quantum AI?

To join Quantum AI, visit the website and provide your details. Quantum AI Robot will instantly connect you with one of its brokers. You will then access your profile page to deposit funds and explore the demo account. Thus, you can directly engage in trading to generate income.


Quantum AI makes impressive claims centered on making easy profits in the crypto market. Developers highlight the effectiveness and affordability of crypto trading bots, appealing to traders amid the growing popularity of them.

However, many of these claims still need to be verified, underscoring the importance of approaching these bots with caution. In Artificial Intelligence-Related Cryptocurrencies, we have compiled a list of projects with tokens on secure crypto exchanges for those with a specific interest.

Furthermore, given the high volatility of the crypto market, caution is advised. Implementing good trade management practices and protecting against market downturns is paramount to protecting your investments.

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