Qatar Airways 777X Qsuite business class

“Qatar Airways’ QSuite stands as a global business class benchmark. However, a new era in business class emerges, challenging QSuite’s supremacy in the skies.

Lufthansa enhances passenger comfort with Allegris business class, Japan Airlines introduces suites with doors, and Emirates gears up for the next-gen A350 and 777.

In the aviation spotlight, Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777 Aria Business Class gains traction in Q2 2024. Speculation rises about Singapore Airlines’ new business class on ultra-long-range Airbus A350s.”

How do you make Qsuite even better?  We will have to wait and see...How do you make Qsuite even better? We will have to wait and see…

In a strategic move, Qatar Airways is crafting the next evolution of its Qsuite, known as Qsuite Step 2 or simply Qsuite 2. Former CEO Akbar Al Baker anticipates it will revolutionize the business class travel experience.

While the product design is underway, Qatar Airways plans to unveil it upon integration into widebody aircraft.

Qsuite 2 is slated to grace Qatar Airways’ Boeing 777X fleet, succeeding the renowned Boeing 777-300 family. Initial deliveries of the 777-9 variant are expected from 2025.

Notably, Qatar Airways reevaluates its 777X plans, foregoing first-class suites in favor of the innovative Qsuite 2 for a top-tier travel encounter.

Depending on progress, Qsuite 2 may debut in the upcoming batch of Airbus A350 deliveries, encompassing 23 additional A350-1000s.

Qatar Airways’ Qsuite Phase 2 Business Class

The inception of Qsuite development dates back several years, aligning with Qatar Airways’ anticipation of receiving the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Qatar Airways initiated the creation of a QSuite tailored for the 787. However, a setback occurred when the manufacturer defaulted on seat supply, as highlighted by Al Baker in a previous statement to Executive Traveler.

Consequently, the Dreamliners introduced a distinct seat, sourced from Adient Aerospace, a collaborative effort between auto seat manufacturer Adient and Boeing. This alternative seating is soon to grace Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 787-9s.

Qatar Airways' Boeing 787-9 business class suite.Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787-9 business class suite.

In response to the urgency, and with Adient being a Boeing subsidiary, we swiftly arranged for a readily available seat, requiring only minor adjustments.

Although the Boeing 787 business class seats feature a door, the evolution of the authentic Qsuite persists discreetly behind the closed doors of the business class section.

Qatar Airways' Boeing 787-9 business class suites.Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787-9 business class suites.

Al Baker highlighted to Executive Traveler, “A significant upgrade to the current Qsuite, attracting more QR bookings due to its widespread recognition.

Al Baker emphasized the necessity to consistently refine and elevate the product standard, acknowledging the competitive nature of the industry.

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