Qantas LAX A380 change will hit thousands of passengers

Qantas is making changes to its A380 schedule on the vital Sydney-Los Angeles route, impacting connections within the US. Starting March 31, 2024, the daily QF11 superjumbo, which previously leisurely arrived in Los Angeles at 7 am, will now depart from Sydney at 5:15 pm, resulting in a 1 pm arrival in Los Angeles.

While the revised schedule may be favorable for those checking into LA hotels, it poses challenges for travelers with onward flights to various US destinations. Connections to eastern hubs like New York and Chicago are significantly affected.

For instance, the time zone difference and the actual flight duration mean that even catching a 3 pm flight from LAX to JFK results in a New York arrival close to midnight. Alternatively, travelers bound for Chicago might find it more convenient to stay in LA overnight, adjusting to US time before heading east the next day.

Adding legs to Seattle is impacted as well, with the next Alaska Airlines flight arriving around 8 am after a four-hour stopover at LAX. For those finding QF11’s late afternoon departure inconvenient, American Airlines’ daily Sydney-Los Angeles flight (QF4111) departing at 9:20 am could be a viable alternative.

The adjustments to Qantas’ schedule also affect the Friday QF17 Boeing 787 service, departing at 10:20 am and arriving at LAX around 6 am. Notably, the changes to QF11 aim to reduce the dwell time of A380s at LAX.

For travelers eyeing the south-eastern cruise hub of Miami, Qantas may recommend its Sydney-Dallas flight as an alternative. Keep an eye on these schedule modifications for seamless travel planning.

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