Qantas launches Darwin – Singapore flights

Qantas is set to introduce flights connecting Darwin and Singapore starting in December 2024, adding to the existing options alongside Singapore Airlines for four- to five-hour flights.

Commencing with five weekly flights on December 9, 2024, the service will transition to a daily schedule from March 2025. Operated by Qantas Link Embraer E190, the flight will feature 10 business class seats and 84 economy seats.

Flight details:
– QF353: Departs Darwin at 6:05 am, arrives in Singapore at 9:25 pm.
– QF354: Departs Singapore at 10:25 pm, lands back in Darwin at 4:45 am.

These timings align with the Singapore layover of Qantas’ flagship QF1/QF2 superjumbo flights on the Kangaroo route, departing Singapore for London at 11:25 pm and arriving in Singapore from London at 5:45 pm.

While travelers have the option of flying with Singapore Airlines for further connections, Qantas aims to provide a convenient alternative. Qantas International CEO Cam Wallace highlights that the Singapore service offers smooth connections “to popular destinations such as Phuket and Kuala Lumpur with our partner airlines.” Wallace also emphasizes the route’s significance in “strengthening the important trade, business, and tourism relationships between Australia and Singapore.” Qantas had last operated direct flights between Darwin and Singapore in 2006.

The Top End just got hotter! Qantas, Australia’s iconic airline, has reignited its love affair with Singapore, announcing direct flights from Darwin, Australia’s tropical outpost, to the Lion City. This exciting development opens up a treasure trove of possibilities for travelers seeking sun-kissed adventures and seamless connections across the world.

Embrace the Tropical Gateway:

Darwin, with its laid-back charm and proximity to Kakadu National Park and the Great Barrier Reef, has long mesmerized adventurous souls. Now, with convenient access to Singapore’s vibrant energy and diverse culinary scene, it becomes the perfect starting point for an unforgettable Southeast Asian escapade. Imagine sipping cocktails on Darwin’s waterfront at sunset before boarding a Qantas flight and arriving in Singapore’s pulsating heart hours later.

Beyond the Beach:

But this new route isn’t just for sun seekers. Darwin’s strategic location makes it a powerful gateway for business travelers heading to Indonesia, Vietnam, and beyond. Seamless connections through Singapore’s Changi Airport, a world-renowned travel hub, offer access to countless destinations across Asia and Europe. Whether you’re a global executive or a budding entrepreneur, Darwin-Singapore becomes your springboard to limitless possibilities.

Flying High with Comfort:

Qantas promises to make the journey an experience in itself. The flights will be operated by Embraer E190 jets, offering a comfortable and efficient travel experience. Enjoy ample legroom, personalized service, and the renowned Qantas hospitality as you soar above the lush landscapes of northern Australia and the turquoise waters of Southeast Asia.

More Than Just a Flight:

This new route isn’t just about a new destination; it’s about unlocking a world of cultural exchange and economic potential. Qantas’ commitment to Darwin strengthens the city’s position as a vital bridge between Australia and Asia, opening doors for trade, tourism, and cultural understanding. Imagine vibrant bazaars buzzing with Australian and Singaporean accents, and the sharing of knowledge and traditions between two dynamic cultures.

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