NVIDIA is the fastest-growing chipmaker in 2023, as Intel and AMD report hefty drops

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This year has been exceptional for NVIDIA. After several quarters of stagnation due to oversupply and low demand, Jensen Huang He has successfully led his company into the trillion-dollar club. NVIDIA is the only semiconductor company with a market cap of Over $1 trillion, ahead of Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Team Green began its recovery in the fourth quarter of 2022, ranking 10th. Third largest Semiconductor company in just three quarters.

NVIDIA’s Q2 2023 Revenues See Growth 47.5% quarter-on-quarter and 51.7% over the years. Qualcomm and Broadcom reported negative figures, as did Intel and Samsung. The latter, in particular, saw an annual drop 53.4% In terms of revenue, Intel reported its first quarterly profit in some time.

SK Hynix performed better than the previous quarter but still reported heavily 50.6% Decrease in revenue compared to last year. AMD held steady, with a flat quarter and a year-over-year decline of 18.2%.

NVIDIA was until now The greatest driving force On the back of the semiconductor industry’s recovery, none of its competitors posted annual growth even half its number. As the AI ​​and machine learning scene heats up, Team Green’s fortunes are expected to rise further in the coming quarters.

Source: Omdia.

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