Malaysia Airlines introduces BMW chauffeur

Malaysia Airlines discerning travelers are in for a touch of opulence at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. A fleet of electric BMW i7 sedans will elevate the travel experience, catering to the majority of international Malaysia Airlines flights across the main and satellite terminals.

Commencing on February 1, immaculate white BMW i7s, chauffeured by professionals, will seamlessly transport eligible passengers. The designated pickup spot at Gate G1 in the main terminal ensures a swift and stylish embarkation.

Gate G1 is also the hub for the ‘VIP’ shuttle bus designed for first-class and business-class passengers across all airlines. Meanwhile, other travelers convene at larger buses for their transport needs.

Due to the Aerotrain’s breakdown in March 2023, KLIA initiated bus transfers between the main and satellite terminals. In response to the temporary suspension of the Aerotrain service, Malaysia Airlines, in collaboration with the airport operator’s existing premium bus transfers, introduces 24/7 chauffeur-driven BMW i7s, an exclusive amenity tailored solely for Malaysia Airlines passengers.

Malaysia Airlines' new BMW i7 fleet for driver-drive transfers.Malaysia Airlines’ new BMW i7 fleet for driver-drive transfers.

Passengers can relish the assurance that this premium service is meticulously crafted to provide a personalized experience, alleviating any concerns about ride-sharing,” affirms the airline.

The exclusive service pledges dedicated transportation, with vehicles assigned for solo travelers, couples, and families of up to four passengers per car.

Who qualifies for Malaysia Airlines’ lavish BMW ride?

  1. Business Suite passengers on the A350, which features Malaysia Airlines’ rebranded A350 with four private first-class suites.
  2. Business class passengers.
  3. Malaysia Airlines Enriched Platinum members (excluding their Oneworld Emerald counterparts like Qantas, Qatar Airways Platinum, or Cathay Diamonds).

Oneworld members, who now enjoy access to the newly-opened Oneworld Lounge in Incheon on daily flights from Seoul, can anticipate an extension of the BMW service to cover commuters in the “near future.

Malaysia Airlines' new BMW i7 fleet for driver-drive transfers.Malaysia Airlines’ new BMW i7 fleet for driver-drive transfers.

Malaysia Airlines is set to unveil its New International Business Class this year, featuring on its recently acquired Airbus A330neo jets. These new aircraft are slated to replace the aging A330s by the end of 2026. The airline has collaborated with Collins Aerospace on the Elevation model, also showcased in British Airways’ latest club suite and Etihad Airways’ A350 Business Studio Suite.

Chief Commercial Officer Dersenish Eresandiran has confirmed that the same seat design will be retrofitted into the A350. Malaysia Airlines is exploring the option of leasing more A330neo and A350 jets to support its expanding fleet, given the surge in demand.

The forthcoming A330neo jets will introduce a business class akin to BA’s Club Suite. Eresandiran emphasized that Malaysia Airlines has no plans to introduce a budget ‘Unbundled Business Class’ fare, which typically removes perks like checked baggage, lounge access, and full-service frequent flyer benefits.

In an effort to enhance the premium sector, the airline has been dedicated to improving its offerings. Notably, Malaysia Airlines recently introduced complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi for all passengers, a departure from the trend of restricting Wi-Fi access to frequent flyer members. Unlike other carriers, Malaysia Airlines provides Wi-Fi to everyone, including those in business and economy classes, with impressive speeds. This customer-centric approach aims to offer more to passengers, emphasizing a commitment to an enhanced travel experience.

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