How to land your next job using AI

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Composite image of Franco Ali, Investable and Open AI.

When hiring for a recent job, Franco Ali hoped that candidates would use AI as part of their application. (Source: Supply/Getty)

There is a lot of chatter about how artificial intelligence (AI) could take our jobs. But AI tools may also hold the key to finding new jobs.

Recent research has found that almost half (46 per cent) of Australians are using AI tools to find and apply for new jobs, including helping them create and optimize their CVs and cover letters. And it appears to be working.

Roughly half (52 percent) said AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard made them more successful in their job search, while 74 percent of those who received a job offer said it got them faster.

Franco Ali, of early-stage venture-capital firm Investiable, was recently hired and actually assessed candidates with the expectation that they would use AI as part of their application.

“We’re a venture-capital firm, so by our nature and the type of business we do, it’s important for people in any role in our company to be familiar with cutting-edge tools and think about how they can be. applied in new and interesting ways,” Ali said Yahoo Finance.

“At the final stage (of the hiring process), I was really looking for people who were likely to use ChatGPT or some other type of generative AI to put together case studies.”

Ali used ChatGPT to reverse engineer some of the candidates’ responses, asking the tool how likely it was that candidates would have used it themselves.

The key to a successful applicant is to transcend AI and make the application your own.

“AI can only get you so far. It might get you in the door, but if you can’t communicate (your work), you probably won’t get the job,” Ali said.

“A good candidate is someone who uses (AI) as a supplement to their own creativity and problem solving.”

How to Use AI in Your Job Search

Indeed career coach Sally McKibbin said Aussie job seekers are using AI to help them match roles, craft CVs and cover letters, respond to interview questions and help with salary negotiations.

“AI is the way of the future. The fact that job seekers are actually trying to use these AI tools shows that they are adapting to future technologies. So, I think it shows a lot of initiative if it’s used properly,” McKibbin said Yahoo Finance.

Like Ali, McKibbin thought AI could be a great starting point for a job search, but she encouraged people to go beyond that and make sure their application actually reflected their personality.

“I think the biggest takeaway is to instill a level of honesty in the profession and the job you’re applying for,” McKibbin said..

“Make sure what you’re representing is who you are and how you present yourself … make sure you’re framing it as how you want to be perceived.”

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