How to Earn Velocity Status Credits Without Flying

How to Earn Velocity Status Credits Without Flying – Elevate your Velocity Frequent Flyer standing in 2024 without stepping foot on a plane

In the realm of the Velocity Frequent Flyer Program, status credits serve as the key to unlocking elite privileges for members,

While acquiring Status Credits may be more challenging compared to Velocity Points, the avenues to earn them extend beyond the skies to everyday terrestrial activities.

Whether it involves routine trips to the supermarket or regular credit card expenditures, discover how astute Velocity members can amass status credits without the need for air travel.

Shop at Kohl’s with Flybuys (up to 120 Velocity Status Credits per year)

Through a enduring collaboration with Coles Flybuys, Velocity Frequent Flyers can optimize their status credit accumulation and elevate their membership tier by simply indulging in grocery shopping at Coles.

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It’s not limited to groceries alone; transactions at Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, and Coles Online also contribute to your status credit accumulation (excluding tobacco, gift cards, and charity donations). So, don’t forget to include your alcohol purchases for that upcoming significant occasion. Cheers!

how it works

At the conclusion of each month, your cumulative eligible expenditure at the affiliated stores is calculated. You earn one Status credit for every $100 AUD spent, with a maximum limit of 10 status credits per month. It’s important to note that while partial credits aren’t provided, the system accumulates individual transactions over the month, eliminating the need to surpass $100 for each shopping session.

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While accumulating a maximum of 120 status credits annually through a substantial $12,000 expenditure may not propel you directly to Velocity Gold status, it certainly contributes significantly to achieving your status objectives through ground-based efforts. Given the monthly cap of 10 status credits for Velocity Frequent Flyers, spending beyond $1,000 per month won’t yield additional benefits unless you strategize differently.

Amex Velocity Platinum Card (100 Velocity Status Credits in membership year)

If you’re aiming for Velocity frequent flyer status, it’s essential to note that the well-received American Express Velocity Platinum card offers a substantial 100 Velocity status credits. Alongside this, it provides notable perks, such as a complimentary return Virgin Australia domestic flight and four annual lounge entries.

In a special collaboration with American Express, we are currently offering our readers an enticing bonus of 100,000 Velocity Points on this card for a limited time.

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how it works

“You will receive 100 Velocity Frequent Flyer status credits upon reaching a minimum spend of $50,000 on eligible purchases within your membership year. This spending threshold equates to $4,166 in qualifying expenses per month over a 12-month period.

Meeting this spending requirement offers a convenient avenue to boost your Status credit balance, particularly beneficial if you are targeting Silver, Gold, or Platinum Velocity status.”

what to know

Membership Year refers to the period of 365 days starting from the anniversary date of your American Express Velocity Platinum Card.

Certain expense categories are excluded from the eligible spend calculation, such as foreign transactions, traveler’s checks, and cash advances. Additionally, it’s important to mention that the $375 annual fee does not contribute to meeting the minimum spend requirement.

Family Pool Your Status Credit

Velocity’s Family Pooling feature provides a unique advantage by consolidating Velocity points—a feature not commonly found in other airline loyalty programs, such as Qantas Family Transfer. The accrued points and status credits are attributed to a designated account. The best part? You don’t have to travel with your family to utilize the pooling facility!

We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide for Velocity Family Pooling, which you can access here.

Through Family Pooling, a participating member can aggregate all points and status credits, offering a convenient way to achieve elite Velocity Frequent Flyer status more quickly.

This feature allows members to pool a maximum of points and status credits from up to six household members, including two adults and four children under 18 years of age.

Once established, the nominated beneficiary can consistently receive a steady stream of points and status credits each time the administrator makes a visit.

how it works

In a practical context, consolidating your status credits through pooling enables a chosen family member to attain their status objectives, achieving Gold or Platinum status just in time for holiday travel.

Consider this case study: A family of four traveling from Sydney to Perth will collectively accumulate 60 status credits and 2,300 Velocity points with an Economy Choice fare, priced at $460 per person.

If all the points and status credits are directed to the designated beneficiary, they would accrue:

– 240 status credits
– 9,200 Velocity points

This implies that with just one family round trip, the Family Pool beneficiary would have earned adequate points to book a one-way domestic rewards flight and would be on the verge of reaching Silver status!

Certainly, you may opt to accumulate points and status credits for one individual until they attain the next status level and then proceed to assist another family member in doing the same.


Accumulating adequate Velocity Frequent Flyer status credits can elevate you to the prestigious levels of Velocity Gold or Platinum status.

Several avenues exist for earning Velocity status credits in your daily life, encompassing activities such as grocery shopping, routine expenditures, and leveraging family travel benefits. These options provide an effective means for frequent travelers to expedite their journey towards elevated status.

Moreover, Velocity occasionally introduces lucrative status credit promotions, adding another dimension to the strategies for earning Velocity status credits without the need for air travel. Stay tuned as we monitor and update you on innovative ways to enhance your Velocity status—this space holds exciting prospects!

FAQ: Earning Ground Velocity Position Credits

How can I accumulate Velocity Status Credits?

Earning Velocity Status Credits is primarily associated with air travel, but there are also ground-based opportunities. You can accrue status credits through activities like shopping at Coles using your FlyBuys card, holding the American Express Velocity Platinum Card, or leveraging the Family Pooling feature offered by Velocity.

What exactly are Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits?

Distinct from Velocity Points, status credits are essential for advancing through the various tiers of Velocity Frequent Flyer membership. Achieving Velocity Gold status, for instance, requires earning 400 Status Credits within a membership year.

Is it possible to convert Velocity Points into Status Credits?

No, the conversion of Velocity Points into status credits is not supported.

Do Velocity Status Credits have an expiration date?

Yes, Velocity Status Credits reset to zero at the commencement of each membership year, which is 12 months after your enrollment date.”

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