How to connect chatgpt to internet

One of the most useful things about ChatGPT Plus is that you can use different plugins to get more out of OpenAI’s generative AI tool. One of the best features that OpenAI has brought to ChatGPT is the ability to browse the web with Bing.

Unfortunately, OpenAI disabled that feature in July and hasn’t brought it back yet. In the meantime, here are some ways you can connect ChatGPT to the Internet.

Why did ChatGPT disable Browse with Bing?

OpenAI disabled the Browse with Bing feature because many users found a way to bypass paywalls on various websites using the feature. To avoid any problems, OpenAI released the feature and is working to figure out how to stop it from happening.

In the meantime, you’ll have to find another way to enjoy ChatGPT on the web.

How to connect ChatGPT to the Internet

Of course, there are a few different ways you can connect ChatGPT to the Internet. From Chrome extensions to ChatGPT plugins, let’s look at some easy ways to connect to the Internet and start harnessing the generative power of GPT-4 with online results.

Use the WebChatGPT extension

A useful way to browse the Internet and enjoy ChatGPT’s generative capabilities is to use browser extensions. These extensions come in many flavors, but WebChatGPT is the most talked about online. You can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Once installed, just go to ChatGPT’s website and log in to your OpenAI account. From here, see the toggle at the bottom. This will allow you to browse the web directly from ChatGPT and you don’t need to have ChatGPT Plus for that to happen.

Use the KeyMate.AI search plugin

One way to start using the Internet with ChatGPT is to use a plugin like KeyMate.AI Search. Although there are many free alternatives, the latest version of ChatGPT Plus and KeyMate.AI offers a more refined and better performing search option.

To install KeyMate.AI, you just need to go to the plugin store under ChatGPT’s GPT-4 option. Here you can specifically search for KeyMate.AI and then choose to install it. You can only install ChatGPT plugins like KeyMate.AI if you subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, which is $20 monthly.

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