How science will be transformed by AI

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Over the next week, The Economist How to check AI The enterprise of science can change. We’re kicking off the first of a two-part series on “Babge,” our podcast on science and technology.

This week Alok Jha, The EconomistThe science and technology editor of Inflection talks to Mustafa Suleman, founder of Inflection AI, and co-founder of Google DeepMind. Mustafa discusses how technology can evolve responsibly, what obstacles need to be overcome and how society should prepare for this ubiquitous era. AI.

Also, in a new movie, EconomicsIt will bring together historians and philosophers Yuval Noah Harari and Mustafa Suleiman to confront the greatest technological revolution of our time. They debate the impact of AI On our immediate future, how technology can be controlled and why AI Can be agency at any time.

The film will be available for viewing on Thursday, September 14.

Next week on “Babge,” we investigate AI It will revolutionize the paradigm of science. We’ll visit and hear from robots that automate some of the drudgery of the scientific process. of The Economist Research can accelerate scientific discovery.

From “Babge”. The Economist Released every Wednesday. Listen to more episodes on generative AI at

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