Google’s Pixel Watch 2 may carry the key Fitbit Sense 2 feature

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  • The Pixel Watch 2 will have enhanced health sensors including an electrodermal activity sensor to track stress levels and a temperature monitoring sensor to check skin temperature on demand.
  • The Fitbit app’s workout user interface will be redesigned to focus on current heart rate and heart zones.
  • Safety features include automatic display of medical and health information in case of emergency and emergency sharing of location with trusted contacts.

Google is gearing up to announce the Pixel Watch 2 at its Made by Google event on October 4. The company has already shared a video revealing the design of the second-generation Pixel Watch and some of its improvements. A new report now highlights the Pixel Watch 2’s enhanced health sensor, improved Fitbit experience, and improved security features.

9to5Google sources claim that the Pixel Watch 2 will borrow the Fitbit Sense 2’s electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor. This will allow the smartwatch to track and manage your stress levels. A temperature monitoring sensor will also be part of the package, with Google apparently letting users check their skin temperature on demand.

Many wearables on the market pack built-in temperature sensors, including the Galaxy Watch 6, Apple Watch Series 8/9 and Apple Watch Ultra. However, they use data to track your baseline temperature and menstrual cycle differences between women. So, the Pixel Watch 2 could be the first to offer on-demand skin temperature monitoring. Interestingly, a leak points to the Pixel 8 also having a built-in thermometer, but its exact use case is currently unclear.

Additionally, Google plans to redesign the Fitbit app’s workout UI on the Pixel Watch 2 to align with its smartwatch design interface. The update will reportedly focus on your current heart rate, along with other elements that look similar to Google Fit’s Wear OS app.

Security is another area that Google will focus on with its second smartwatch. The wearable will work with the car crash detection feature on the Pixel phone to automatically show you key medical and health information in the event of an emergency.

The Personal Security app on the Pixel Watch 2 will also get some much-needed upgrades, including support for emergency sharing. This will allow the watch to share your location with your pre-specified trusted contacts in case of an emergency. And on the LTE variant, the feature will work even when the watch is not connected to the phone.

Finally, Google is working on bringing Google Assistant’s interpreter mode with the Pixel Watch 2 for real-time translation. The functionality is already live on the first-gen Pixel Watch, although none of Google’s support documents mention it. This feature will allow wearables to seamlessly translate conversations from one language to another. While there was previously a dedicated translation app for Wear OS, Google has no plans to revive it.

Based on the video shared by Google, the Pixel Watch 2 might look similar to its predecessor. But with rumored major internal improvements, new health sensors and improvements to Fitbit’s mobile UI, the wearable could deliver a superior experience. Thankfully, we only have to wait a couple of weeks now before Google officially unveils and refines the Pixel Watch 2.

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