Gboard launches ‘Proofread’ AI feature in beta

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Google’s Gboard is a great keyboard alternative for Android and has a lot of new features based on generative AI in the pipeline. Starting today, Gboard is starting to roll out a “Proofread” option to beta users.

Introducing Gboard version 13.4, currently in beta on Android, a “Proofread” option appears in the keyboard toolbar as a way to check your text for spelling or grammatical errors, all powered by generative AI.

This feature is shown on our Pixel Fold with a “Fix It” prompt that shows Google’s usual icon for generative AI. From there, a pop-up explains how proofreading works, if you turn on the feature, text will be sent to Google for processing.

Tapping “Proofread” in Gboard’s toolbar processes your text and offers suggestions for fixing spelling or grammar, such as adding punctuation. Meanwhile, a “Fix It” button will appear as instructed and automatically fix the error when you click on it.

In actual use, this seems like an excellent evolution over the existing auto-correct, although it would be nice if Google could remove this without offloading the process to its servers. Maybe with future updates.

Also in the pipeline for generative AI in Gboard, as we first reported, is a new feature that uses AI to create stickers, as well as a new “Tone” feature that can help you reword messages with different tones, such as formal And those features aren’t showing up yet without an unofficial app update.

If you’re looking forward to Gboard’s new proofreading feature, leave a comment below and let us know!

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