Drew Barrymore, AI, Robert Thomson on ABC

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The business of media

‘Maggot-ridden mind mold’: Murdoch lieutenant’s AI warning

one of the Rupert Murdoch‘s top lieutenants have warned that AI threatens a “tsunami” of job losses and could crush readers under the weight of a “maggot-ridden mind mold”, reports of the Telegraph James Titcomb.

Chief Executive Officer of News Corporation Robert Thomson A conference in San Francisco said the rapid growth of artificial intelligence was “epochal”. Thomson said AI would cause a “tsunami” of job losses. “From 2008 to 2020, 57 percent of newsroom jobs in the United States will be lost,” he said.

“We are facing yet another wave, in this case, a potential tsunami due to the influence of AI. And it’s not just lost jobs, it’s lost insight. And that’s why it’s important for all media companies to understand the impact, but also to understand their impact on the big AI players. “

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Trump’s real social challenge now is to get the deal done

Donald TrumpThe media company is pushing to close a lucrative deal to go public, but faces pressure from a slowdown in growth and the former president’s return to mainstream social media, reports of the Wall Street Journal Amrit Ramkumar And Keech Hege.

Truth Social’s parent company is seeking to go public through a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company. The Trump media and technology group is valued at more than $1 billion and could generate a windfall of hundreds of millions of dollars. As president, Trump will own nearly half of the public companies.

Without a deal, Truth Social will have a hard time raising cash as a private company in the face of an increasingly competitive social-media landscape.

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News Brands

How to pitch Gen Z? ABC puts together a youth panel

The national broadcaster has appointed a panel of Gen Z journalists to guide them on the best ways to engage young audiences, reports Australian’s Joseph Lam.

Australian It’s understood the panel, set up earlier this month, includes a number of Gen Z journalists – a group born between 1997 and 2012 – whose job involves telling ABC bosses what’s hot and what’s not for the younger crowd.

Not just the media, but tech companies and other industries have begun to fork over large sums of money to research the next generation of workers, which has led to a push from national broadcasters.

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Drew Barrymore criticized for bringing back talk show during strike

Drew Barrymore The decision to bring her back is being criticized The Drew Barrymore Show for a fourth season amid the ongoing Hollywood writers and actors strike, and will face a picket line outside the studio this week, News Publishing reports. Nell Garretts.

The daytime CBS talk show, which Barrymore hosts (Charlie’s Angels, Never Kissed), will air on September 18. Barrymore argues that would be in accordance with the terms of the writers’ union and the SAG-AFTRA strike.

“I have this choice,” Barrymore, 48, wrote in an Instagram post on Monday. “We are adhering to not discussing or promoting any hit films and television. We launched live into a global pandemic. Our show was created for sensitive times and it works from what the real world is going through.”

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Ramsey Street is back, but it’s not the neighborhood you remember

Exactly one year before I visited the soon-to-be-relaunched set neighbors, one actor tells me that the Nunawading studio in which it was filmed had become a “ghost town … only seven people in the whole building”. But today, it is packed with hundreds of actors, crew and office staff; A lunchroom line in a corridor with cast portraits Prisoner, young talent time and other well-known shows are filmed in this 1960s orange brick monolith, reports Nine Publishing. Michael Lalo.

Most of these people are here neighborsA show whose return, after its controversial exit last year, seems almost as unlikely as one of its dead characters striking up again on Ramsey Street in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough.

“It was the best plot twist ever,” says the executive producer Jason Herbisonwho started working on the series in 1992 as a narrator. Sitting in his green-walled office, decorated neighbors Throwing in photos from different eras, Herbison explains the show’s flaws in terms of simple economics: its UK broadcaster, Channel 5, wanted to funnel more money into local programming.

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Star news presenter Sandra Sully appears injured on air

Senior 10 news reporter Sandra Sully Her arm was shown on television heavily bandaged, raising concerns about possible injury, News Corp reported. Elena Cooper.

This star journalist read the 5 pm headlines 10 news first On Monday, two fingers of her left hand were hidden under a medical cover.

Network 10 confirmed Sully, one of the most recognizable faces on Australian television, underwent surgery after suffering an injury the week before.

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The Masked Singer has been revealed as Australia’s first 2023 contestant International Star

Warning: Masked Singer spoilers below.

2023 season A masked singer Monday night kicked off with a bang, as the first contestant to unmask an international celebrity was booted from the competition, News Corp reports. Nick Bond.

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After the performance of Shawn Mendes sing stitchesThe crash test dummy was unmasked and revealed…

Brian Austin GreenBest known from the US actor Beverly Hills, 90210.

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