Dr Ben Goertzel – AI Wars: Google Battles OpenAI’s ChatGPT

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2023 could be the year we look back on as a time of significant change The exponential growth of artificial intelligence. AI platforms and tools are starting to have a huge impact on our daily lives, and virtually every industry imaginable is sitting up and taking notice.

Doom mongers might be concerned These superintelligent machines pose a real threat to humanityAnd with growing concern about our future on planet Earth, many experts are pointing to the enormous potential and benefits such cutting-edge technology could bring to the world.

Recently, the Co-founder of Google DeepMind, Mustafa Suleiman He said that in the next five years everyone will have their own AI-powered personal assistant as the technology becomes cheaper and more widespread.

On the other hand, ‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton quits his job at Google Because he is concerned about the rate of improvement of AI development and what this means for society as a whole.

One thing is certain, the world we live in is going to change drastically in the coming years. Thankfully, I’m able to call on one of the smartest men I know, and one who’s not only at the forefront of this shift, but Deeply concerned about the ethical, political and social implications of AI developmentand is focused on the goal of creating benevolent AI systems.

Dr Ben Goertzel is a cross-disciplinary scientist, futurist, author and entrepreneurwho has devoted the better part of his working life to creating benevolent superhumans Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

In fact, Ben is credited with popularizing the term AGI into our mainstream thinking and has published dozens of scientific books, 150 technical papers, and numerous journal articles. making him the world’s leading expert in this rapidly expanding field.

In 2017, Ben founded Singularitynet It has become the world’s leading decentralized AI marketplace with the goal of creating decentralized, democratic, inclusive and profitable AGI.

At SingularityNET, Ben’s goal is to create an AGI that does not depend on any central entityAccessible to anyone and not limited to the narrow goals of one corporation or even one country.

The platform is an open and A decentralized network of AI services on blockchain Where developers publish their services on the network and can be used by anyone with an internet connection.

is the latest project of SingularityNet ZharkaA supercharged, intelligent, neural-symbolic, large-scale language model that not only promises acceptance OpenAI’s ChatGPTBut go much further.

So advanced Neural-symbolic AI techniques will revolutionize and disrupt every industryTaking a big step towards AGI.

“I have come to the conclusion that decentralized AGI will really work. We have to launch something smarter than ChatGPT and launch it on a decentralized infrastructure.”

In a broader sense, Ben, of course, acknowledges that there are risks in building Machines that are capable of learning anything and everythingIncluding how to reprogram yourself to be smarter than any human.

“I think the implications of superintelligence are huge and hard to predict. It’s like asking nomads living among early human tribes what civilization would be like. They can predict some aspects of it, but to some extent, you just have to figure it out when you get there.”

Furthermore, Ben highlights More important is the risk that selfish people and big business will use AI for their own greed and to control other people.. It’s a fascinating question, and a lot to think about, that Ben has spent more time thinking about.

Ben truly believes that our focus should be on the building AI systems that make the world a kinder, more just and more sustainable place Moving forward now and into the future.

I’m excited to sit down for this chat with Ben, there’s a lot to learn and if you’re interested in the technology shaping our future world or Investment opportunityBe sure to tune in later. The economic potential of AI is enormous and is expected to generate several trillion dollars over the next decade.

“I’m optimistic about the potential for beneficial AGI, and decentralization is important because the centralization of control brings some narrow motivational systems apart from the ethics of what’s best for everyone.”

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