Delta readies new JFK business class lounge

Delta Air Lines is set to unveil its inaugural Delta One Club business class lounge at New York’s JFK Airport by mid-2024, and there are indications that the lounges might not exclusively carry the Delta One brand.

Initially slated for a late 2023 opening, the JFK Lounge’s debut was rescheduled to early 2024, with Delta Air Lines confirming a new target for its executive traveler haven at JFK Terminal 4 – now expected in the summer of 2024.

While a second Delta One Club lounge at LAX is still anticipated to open before the close of 2024, providing Delta with premium lounges at both ends of the competitive New York-Los Angeles route, the official nomenclature for these high-end lounges is yet to be finalized. Despite originally being referred to as Delta One Club lounges, aligning with the Delta One brand, the airline has recently indicated a more straightforward term, labeling them as ‘premium lounges.

Delta One Club Lounge Access

As previously noted, entry to Delta One Club lounges in New York and Los Angeles will be exclusive to Delta’s business class passengers, redirecting even elite Delta One Medallion Diamond frequent flyers to nearby Sky Club lounges.

These lounges will not extend access to top-tier frequent flyers, such as Medallion Diamonds in Delta Premium Select and/or Main Cabin.

Apart from international routes to the UK, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia, Delta One also caters to selected domestic transcontinental flights to and from Honolulu.

However, we anticipate that Delta One Club may also admit business class and first class passengers flying with Delta’s international SkyTeam partners whose overseas flights depart from the same terminals as Delta.

This business-class-only access model for Delta One Club aligns with the strategy of rival United Airlines, limiting its network Polaris Lounge exclusively to business class (and, where applicable, first class) passengers.

In contrast, American Airlines’ Flagship Lounge extends a welcome not only to business class passengers but also to top-tier Advantage and oneworld frequent flyers.

Delta One Club Lounge Concept

While Delta introduced its Delta One business class suites featuring sliding privacy doors in 2017, until now, all Delta One passengers shared the same Delta Sky Club lounge as economy passengers with frequent flyer status, Sky Club Membership, or the appropriate credit card privileges.

The introduction of the premium Delta One Club aims to change this dynamic, promising visitors a dedicated level of service that enhances the overall lounge experience, according to the airline.

While specific details remain undisclosed, one can anticipate an exceptional experience with potential offerings such as à la carte dining and an enhanced selection of beverages. Delta, drawing from its playbook, has the opportunity to glean insights from the strategies employed by competitors like American and United.

The inclusion of popular Sky Club phone booths, providing soundproof single-seat capsules for private calls, would be a welcome addition to the Delta One Club. Additionally, the incorporation of work-friendly private bench spaces is anticipated to further enhance the overall lounge amenities.

Delta One Club Lounge, New York JFK

The inaugural Delta One Club is set to debut at JFK Terminal 4 in mid-2024, strategically located near Concourse B and boasting an expansive 36,000 square feet (over 3,300 square meters).

This impressive space surpasses the substantial Delta Sky Club at LAX, accommodating over 500 guests. The Delta One Club, with its more exclusive ambiance, promises fewer seats for a spacious experience. Anticipated features include a dedicated dining room with à la carte menus, an upscale and expansive bar, and other high-end amenities.

Given JFK Terminal 4’s role as a hub for several SkyTeam members, such as Aeromexico, Air Europa, China Airlines, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic, the Delta One lounge may extend its access to business class passengers flying with these partner airlines.

Delta One Club Lounge, LAX

The upcoming launch of the Delta One Club at JFK provides a preview of what travelers can anticipate when the counterpart on the west coast opens at LAX in late 2024.

Spanning 10,000 square feet (930 square meters), the LAX Delta One Club is expected to offer a more compact and potentially ‘intimate’ setting. Given that all SkyTeam airlines operate from Los Angeles’ Tom Bradley International Terminal, the LAX Delta One Club will exclusively cater to Delta passengers.

This lounge will also be seamlessly connected to the newly inaugurated LAX Sky Club situated between Terminals 2 and 3. It remains to be seen if the LAX Delta One Club will feature an all-weather deck, providing panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills.

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