Cash App Down Updates – Hundreds of mobile payment service customers can’t claim ‘pending’ money transfers

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Do not attempt to make a payment again

Don’t try to make payment again as cash app users are facing “connection problem”.

The company shared on its status page: “A fix has been implemented for in-app connection issues causing poor performance across multiple in-app features and we are currently monitoring this.

“If your payment failed, please do not try again at this time.”

Break down reported issues

Of the hundreds of Cash app customers who have reported problems to Downdetector, 56 percent are experiencing problems transferring funds.

40 percent of users reported problems with payments.

Four percent of the issue reports are with the app.

The Cash app is ‘aware of connection issues’

The cash app released a statement on X (formerly Twitter) on the current outage.

The heat map shows that the problem is widespread

A heat map provided by Downdetector shows that cash app outages are widespread across the United States.

Hundreds of cash apps across the country are reporting customer service issuesCredit: Downdetector

Users say the outage is ‘unacceptable’

Cash app users are flocking to Downdetector to slam money transfer sites.

One wrote: “This will be my last day using this app. This is unacceptable. My money has been pending for an hour now.”

Another added: “I added money to the cash app. I saw it there and now my balance is 0. I can’t believe this is happening again.”

A third wrote: “I sent my sister the money and it went through for me but nothing happened from her. I’m not sure why it didn’t fail or nothing. She sent me a screenshot where it says ‘it will. Deposit soon. Do’ but an hour has passed.

Cash app users take on X

Users are taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to complain about issues with the mobile payment service.

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