Brazil introduces mandatory $120 e-visa for Australians

e-visa for Australians – Brazil has recently joined the ranks of countries implementing mandatory ‘e-Visa’ requirements for travelers, impacting Australians with a per-person fee of $120, effective from April 10, 2024.

Originally slated for mandatory enforcement starting January 10, the initiation has been deferred by three months. This delay aims to facilitate the seamless implementation of the e-Visa system, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting travel arrangements. This decision is driven by the need to avoid any potential interruptions in the influx of tourists from these nations, particularly during Brazil’s peak tourism season.

An important factor not to be overlooked is the timing for e-Visa applications. Despite the processing period being within five working days, the Brazilian government “strongly recommends” submitting applications at least two months before the planned trip to Brazil. This precautionary measure allows for ample processing time, reducing the risk of last-minute complications.

The Tourism Ministry of Brazil outlines that the newly introduced e-Visa will be valid for five years for Australian passport holders. Notably, this visa can only be acquired through the use of a new passport, emphasizing the necessity of up-to-date travel documents. The e-Visa platform for Brazil is a collaborative effort between the Brazilian government and VFS, a specialist in ‘visa outsourcing and technology services.’ This partnership ensures a streamlined and efficient visa application process, enhancing the overall travel experience for visitors to Brazil.

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To obtain a Brazil e-Visa for Australians, applicants must provide the following:

  1. Passport Requirements:
    • A valid passport, ensuring its validity extends until the conclusion of your stay in Brazil, with a minimum of two blank visa pages.
  2. Online Visa Application:
    • Completion of the Visa Application Form online.
  3. Photograph Submission:
    • A passport-style photo (2″ x 2″) with a white background.
  4. Fee Payment:
    • Submission of the required fee, which amounts to US$80.90.
  5. Confirmation of Round-Trip Reservation:
    • Presentation of a round-trip reservation confirmation, whether it’s for a flight, ship, or bus, demonstrating entry into and exit from Brazil via air, sea, or land.
  6. Financial Documentation:
    • Submission of a printed bank statement reflecting a minimum of US$2,000, covering transactions and travel expenses in the last 30 days. For families, an additional requirement includes a signed sponsorship letter and a bank statement from the principal applicant.

Business travelers are required to furnish an extensive set of supporting documents delineating the purpose of their trip, local contacts, job title, detailed job description, salary, and additional pertinent details.

Navigating these requirements can be challenging. Should there be a need for supplementary information to support your e-Visa application, it must be submitted within ten days. Failure to comply with this timeframe will result in the rejection of your e-Visa, necessitating the initiation of a new application.

Notably, in June 2019, Brazil instituted visa-free travel for citizens of the United States, Canada, and Japan, as well as for holders of Australian passports. This marked a significant shift from the previous visa cost of $US44 ($A65) per person.

The prospect of these doubled visa fees is unlikely to be well-received, especially considering the already substantial costs associated with air travel today. Australian passport holders, in particular, may find themselves facing an additional financial burden, with costs projected to soar to around $400 by mid-2024.

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