Anthropic released Cloud Pro, a paid version of its ChatGPT competitor

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ChatGPT’s competitor, Cloud, now has a paid version with premium features.

On Thursday, Anthropic announced Cloud Pro, $20 per month. It is also similar to the paid version of ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plus. With a Claude Pro subscription, users get 5 times more usage than the free version of, as well as the ability to send many more messages. Users also get priority access to during high traffic periods and early access to new Claude features.

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Like ChatGPT, Claude is a generative AI chatbot powered by Anthropic’s large language model, Claude 2. Founded by former senior employees of OpenAI, Anthropic touts itself as a more responsible and ethical alternative to ChatGPT-owners. It has conducted extensive research on safely training generative AI models and has solidly laid out principles for responsible AI development. At least on the outside, its ground-up approach to AI ethics (and a big investment from Google) makes Enthropic a GenAI darling that could unseat OpenAI from the top spot.

As of today, Cloud Pro is available in the US and the UK.

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