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A recent Roy Morgan poll showed mistrust of AI loud and clear, including the belief that bots will destroy the human race.

Sangkame is taking

A Roy Morgan SMS survey of 1,481 Australians aged 16+ conducted with the AI ​​Safety Campaign revealed that 57 per cent of Australians believe artificial intelligence (AI) creates more problems than it solves.

And one in five Australians – mostly Tasmanians for some reason – believe AI threatens human extinction within the next twenty years.

In terms of human extinction, the breakdown of those concerned is fairly consistent across demographics but respondents aged 50-64 (25 per cent) and respondents from Tasmania (37 per cent) were the most concerned.

When in doubt, blame the woman

ABC’s local radio stations across the country have a small audience, but let’s hope they don’t listen to Adelaide’s anonymous “industry insiders” for advice on how to turn the ship around.

at the end of the week, the advertiser ABC Radio tried to diagnose what was “wrong” with Adelaide, through this bravely closed “inside”.

He believes that ABC is too lefty and opinionated and that its breakfast show – hosted by Nikolai Belharz and Stacey Lee – is the root cause of its ratings problems.

This ignores the fact that the breakfast program is the highest-rated show on the station – indeed, it is the highest-rated ABC breakfast program anywhere in the country.

An anonymous source believes the ABC’s presenters need to “immediately re-evaluate their on-air style”.

Only one presenter, however, is mentioned in specific negative terms.

“I think it’s a great show but they need to understand that radio is very different from television, which is where Stacey comes from,” the insider said.

“You don’t have to be an attack dog. Measure, don’t force. Be a great interviewer, let people tell their side of the story and don’t just get on a soapbox and cut them off because that’s your opinion. “

Can you imagine our brave insiders saying the same about David Penberthy or Will Goodings over FIVAA (Tation, incidentally, is owned by Tizer boss Lachlan Murdoch)? Or arguing that FIVEaa’s fading drive show is struggling because Rowe is too opinionated?

Insider’s take: ABC has serious problems with its local stations, but Lee is not one of them, in the tradition of the best ABC presenters and reporters, relentlessly holding those in power accountable.

And one for men

Famous journalists received invitations via LinkedIn yesterday to an International Men’s Day event at Norwood Football Club in November.

The event is organized by One Nation MLC Sarah Game who is “an advocate for men’s well-being and having a minister and office for men, just like we have for women”.

The $65 lunch and drinks package includes speakers from football player Chris McDermott to entrepreneur Jim Valley.

The game says it is the only local event to celebrate International Men’s Day.

Before RSVPing, Insiders wanted to inquire whether the day fell on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. it’s sunday

Qatar, don’t ghost us

Qatar Airways may heed Premier Peter Malinauskas’ call for more direct international flights to Adelaide – but they may also ghost him.

therefore A travel writer As Insider pointed out yesterday, Qatar Airways is operating “ghost flights” – empty or near-empty flights – between Melbourne and Adelaide as a solution to laws (and the federal transport minister) that largely limit the number of international flights it can operate. . Australian airport.

A Qatar Airways flight is on its way to Adelaide Airport. Photo: Morgan Sett/Ap

Guardian Australia An investigation into the matter was published last month, reporting that Qatar flew from Doha to Melbourne but registered Adelaide as the final destination and departure point, meaning the airline did not exceed the limit of 28 weekly services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Obviously, the majority of passengers disembark in Melbourne with only a few – sometimes none – left to fly the remaining leg to Adelaide. parents Reported.

“Airlines are not permitted under Australia’s aviation laws to sell tickets to domestic passengers between Melbourne and Adelaide,” parents Reported.

“It may only carry some international passengers booked through Doha who have chosen a two-leg route instead of the separate daily non-stop flight between Adelaide and Doha operated by Qatar Airways.”

Qatar’s Melbourne-Adelaide leg, operated with a 354-seat Boeing 777, averaged “in the single digits” for passenger numbers. parents Reported citing own analysis of sources including government flight data and knowledge of flights.

“Sometimes there are no passengers on these flights.”

South Australia: The Workaround State?

Polly spotting at railway stations

Train passengers hit a visiting federal Liberal MP at Adelaide train station this morning.

Julian Leisure was handing out flyers for the “Yes” campaign supporting Voice to Parliament – ​​New South Wales MPs hoping to get a more positive response from public transport commuters than their own parliamentary colleagues.

The former opposition attorney-general and Indigenous Australian spokesman resigned from the role after his Liberal party formally decided to oppose the referendum.

Make 16

Make It 16 co-founder Archie Coppola. Photo: Make It 16/Sam Biddle.

A campaign to lower the voting age is gaining momentum, led by Adelaide teenager Archie Coppola.

That’s what new research commissioned by The Body Shop has found Two-thirds of Australians now want to discuss lowering Australia’s voting age to 16, In the first pulse-check of the nation’s spirit After launch Campaign 16 in June.

The Body Shop findings also showed that:

  • Young Aussies are leading the charge to lower the voting age:
    • More than seven in ten (74%) of 18-34 year olds are open to discussions about lowering the voting age
    • A third (34%) of 18-24 year olds agree that young Australians pay tax and have adult responsibilities, so should be able to say
  • A third of all Australians say so can be convinced To support the movement With more education and information.

The Body Shop has pledged $50K to the campaign, supporting the petition in its stores and educating customers – right next to the bath bombs.

Not looking for new barracks, fodder for horses

SA Police’s politically charged search for new police horse barracks is driving up costs on several fronts.

In a recent written response to questions on notice from Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee, Police Commissioner Grant Stevens advised that the “interim cost” of relocating Theberton barracks reached $1.6 million by 30 June 2023.

Police have spent $6,899.31 on Crown law advice as of July 28 in their legal battle with former senator Rex Patrick.

The Malinauskas government gave SA Police $2m last year to plan an exit from Thebarton.

They then nominated the controversial Park Lands site, but blowback led to the government instead choosing airport land which was later deemed unsuitable due to PFAS contamination, forcing a switch to a third site – the $90m Gepps Cross option.

Asked about the latest site on ABC Radio Adelaide this week, Commissioner Stevens said bluntly: “It’s not what we asked for, but now we have work to do.”

“I have to say the staff have been brilliant through this – it’s been a really tough time for them.

“We have been doing the same thing from the same place for decades.

“So this is a real step change for us and it affects people, so I have to tip my hat to the staff that despite the difficulties, they are constructive.”

According to the commissioner’s advice to the committee, SA Police’s $1.6m “activities” tab does not include costs incurred by the Department of Transport investigating PFAS contamination at the scrap airport site.

The content you want now…

It’s hard to imagine a time when Bunnings didn’t dominate every Adelaide suburb, but thanks to r/AustralianNostalgia on Reddit for pointing out that the WA chain arrived in SA 30 years ago. It is also interesting to note that the prices are not all that different. It’s no wonder that corner hardware stores have faded into obscurity.

Bunnings came to our state 30 years ago this month!
by u/RS-1990 in Adelaide

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