AI is making us more creative: Australian marketers

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Australian marketers are more positive about the creative work of generative AI than their international peers, with 77% declaring that the technology has boosted their team’s creativity, in a global survey by Canva.

Of the nine countries surveyed, Australia was one of the most receptive regions to testing generative AI in the workplace and ranked highest globally when asked if the technology was boosting creativity.

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More than two-thirds (68%) said generative AI is saving their teams at least 2-3 hours per week. This is done, for example, by using AI-powered tools to demystify repetitive tasks, which 79% said freed them up to focus on more creative and meaningful parts of their role.


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But Australian marketers also have their own concerns. Two major concerns regarding the use of AI in creative works are bias or discrimination against AI-generated content and the security of personal data.

At the same time, more than half (55%) are already overwhelmed by the learning curve of generative AI tools, and 41% feel pressured to use them to keep pace with change.

Natalie Schwartz, global head of brand marketing at Canva, said, “Tighter budgets, increased content demands and non-stop deadlines have driven marketers to embrace generative AI tools to scale their product.

“Our findings reinforce the fact that AI-powered tools are breathing new life into creativity and productivity for marketers, with a profound impact we see firsthand as a visual communication platform.”

Canva commissioned Morning Consult to survey 4,050 business leaders in marketing and creative roles, including 316 in Australia.

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