AI images have taken the world by storm… Take our quiz to see if you can spot the real photo in the hoax?

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This ultra-realistic take is sweeping social media – with ‘paparazzi’ pictures of celebrities often believed to be genuine.

Many people are shocked, and a little confused, that the images they think are actually computer generated.

Recent months have seen an explosion of AI-generated imagery, whether it’s celebrities reimagined as pensioners or entire exhibitions devoted to computer-generated artworks — much to the chagrin of human artists.

But can you tell the difference between what is true and what is false?

Take MailOnline’s quiz to see if you can tell which pictures are genuine and which are AI-generated…

1. Donald Trump Arrested

In this image, former US President Donald Trump is seen trying to run away while being apprehended by police officers

2. Elon Musk is dating the CEO of a rival motor company

An image shows Tesla CEO Elon Musk shaking hands with rival General Motors CEO Mary Barra

3. Supermodel Bella Hadid became a bald robot

Supermodel Bella Hadid, 26, is seen posing as a bald robot in the futuristic image – where metal piping can be seen protruding from her back.

4. Pope Francis opts for an oversized puffer jacket

In this image, 86-year-old Pope Francis changes his style and opts for a white, oversized puffer jacket instead of his usual robes.

5. Britney Spears’ floating necklace

Paris Hilton poses with Britney Spears and Cade Hudson in a moment that shows Spears wearing only a chain

6. Tom Cruise and his stunt double

In this picture, actor Tom Cruise, known for his action film roles, poses with his stunt doubles

7. Rita Ora’s reptilian face

In this next picture, pop star Rita Ora has skin-colored reptiles on her face.

8. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg walks the runway

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg strutted down the runway in a pink glittery bomber jacket and matching trousers, paired with pink trainers, a black under jacket and sunglasses.

9. Billionaire Elon Musk as a child

Tesla and X CEO Elon Musk is depicted as a young boy, wearing a white shirt under brown trousers with braces attached.

10. Mugshot of former President Donald Trump

Former United States President Donald Trump is pictured posing for a mugshot with a ‘Fulton County Sheriff’s Office’ stamp.


Which one did you get right?

1. This is the picture fake An AI-generated image of Donald Trump trying to flee while being apprehended by police was posted on Twitter in March with the caption: ‘Picturing Trump Arrested While Awaiting Trump’s Arrest.’

2. This picture is fake! This AI-generated image shows Tesla CEO Elon Musk walking hand-in-hand with Mary Barra, CEO of rival car company General Motors. After posting the image on X, formerly known as Twitter, as the ‘breaking’ story, Musk replied that he would ‘never wear that outfit’.

3. This picture is true! Supermodel Bella Hadid was transformed into a bald robot for designer Marc Jacobs’ futuristic fashion campaign. In this picture, Hadid poses naked and bald, wearing only a sculptural silver ear cuff with metal piping snaking around her. The fashion firm’s Heaven by Marc Jacobs Fall ’23 campaign was shot by Carlijn Jacobs and styled by Daniel Emerson.

4. This picture is fake! An image of Pope Francis wearing a white puffer jacket instead of his usual robes circulated on social media, but while many believed it to be real, it was actually AI-generated. The viral image was created by Pablo Xavier, a 31-year-old from Chicago, using Midjourney – an artificial intelligence image generator.

5. This picture is true! After posting a photo of herself, Britney Spears and Cade Hudson on Instagram, Paris Hilton has had to refute theories that the image was fake. Fans were convinced that Britney’s necklace was seen floating by just a chain. In a follow-up comment to ‘all who ask’, Paris said the picture was taken on an iPhone to make it look blurry and then edited on an app called Remini to correct it, but sometimes the AI ​​’distorts the image’. ‘It wasn’t even dignified to respond,’ she added. ‘But some of these conspiracy theories are completely ridiculous.’

6. This picture is fake! Despite being famous for playing daring characters in action movies, this picture of Tom Cruise and his stunt double is an AI-generated image. Cruise does all his own stunts.

7. This picture is true! Walking the red carpet for the 2022 British Fashion Awards, singer Rita Ora sported striking reptilian facial prosthetics that closely mirrored her skin tone as well as bleached eyebrows.

8. This picture is fake! Many were surprised to see Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg turn to catwalk modeling, but an image circulating on social media of the tech boss walking the runway in a hot pink dress was actually AI-generated, using a Midjourney image generator. .

9. This picture is fake! An image of a toddler wearing Elon Musk’s brown overalls made waves on social media but instead of coming from the billionaire’s family collection, it was AI-generated. The picture was captioned ‘Elon Musk was working on some anti-aging formula, but it got out of hand’ to which Musk himself replied ‘Uh, I think I probably took too much’.

10. This picture is true! To the shock of many on social media, the mugshot of Donald Trump released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office on August 24 was real. Trump was photographed for a mugshot by police after his arrest.

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