AI has created an apparently ‘invincible’ starfield ship

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Published: 2023-09-08T11:49:06

Updated: 2023-09-08T11:49:18

Using the in-game builder, the Starfield player uses artificial intelligence (AI) to design an invincible ship, claiming to be the most unique available. Despite the large number of inspired people in the game, fans were particularly pleased with the design. Here’s how they responded.

Shipbuilding is an artistic endeavor when it comes to Starfield. The game’s user-friendly and feature-rich ship-building toolkit allows all kinds of customization options to be applied to the player’s ship.

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Players can customize every aspect of their ships, from size and shape to thrusters and weapon placement. Since the game’s early access release, people have built ships in the game based on their favorite sci-fi and fantasy media, from Star Wars to Futurama.

Your ship’s design should prioritize its durability and combat effectiveness in a dogfight. But one player came up with a brilliant plan to use AI to create an invincible ship, much to the delight of fans.

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Here’s what it looks like and how the gaming community responded.

Starfield player uses AI to build an invincible ship in the game

A Reddit user named Morphalath has used AI to create an invincible ship in Starfield. The only thing they could say about the ship was that it was “an invincible ship (by AI (they shoot in the middle)).

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The ship is designed as a 3D hollow cube with four turrets pointing in different directions and the cockpit at one corner. The user intends to use it in combat by allowing enemy fire to travel through open structures and stun any space pirates.

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After looking at this off-beat design, players started commenting as one such fan said, “Confused enemy NPC – I’m shooting at the center mass captain, I don’t know why the ship doesn’t take any damage?! “

Another quipped, “Docking that ship is like sticking a square peg in a sphere… you know what I mean.” Adding to the delight was a third who replied, “It’s all corners because it’s so good”.

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Since the design became popular, Morphlath has also uploaded a video tour of their ship and a simulation of the massive spacecraft in flight. Although it has a distinctive appearance while flying, it packs a powerful punch.

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