ADLINK Pocket AI: Everything You Need to Know

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“ADLINK Pocket AI?” Have you ever heard of this little device called? This little devil has become very popular due to its impressive specs and simple design. Today, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about it, its specs, price, design, specifications and more!

ADLINK Pocket AI is a portable GPU that is turning heads in the world of external GPUs (eGPUs). This pint-sized powerhouse, no bigger than a deck of playing cards, packs a punch with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and a powerful NVIDIA RTX A500 4GB GDDR6 GPU under the hood. But what exactly is this gizmo and why should you care? Let’s go into the details of ADLINK Pocket AI and explore its features, specs, design and price!

ADLINK Pocket AI will give your PC an extra boost (Image credit)

What exactly is ADLINK Pocket AI?

ADLINK has developed Pocket AI, a portable GPU featuring NVIDIA GPU with Tensor-Core technology. The device aims to bring AI and graphics computing capabilities to a wide range of devices in a plug-and-play fashion, targeting professionals with AI tasks that require dedicated GPU processing power.

“Pocket AI provides flexibility and reliability on the move. This portable, plug and play AI accelerator delivers the perfect power/performance balance from the NVIDIA RTX GPU. Pocket AI is the perfect tool for AI developers, professional graphics users and embedded industrial applications to improve productivity by improving work efficiency,” says the official product description.

ADLINK Pocket AI Glasses

Beneath its humble exterior lies the heart of the ADLINK Pocket AI – NVIDIA RTX A500 GPU. Don’t let its small size fool you; This GPU has 2048 NVIDIA CUDA cores, 64 NVIDIA Tensor cores and 16 NVIDIA RT cores.

With an estimated 100 TOPS DENSE INT8 and a whopping 6.54 TFLOPS peak FP32 performance, it can be measured. Thanks to NVIDIA CUDA X RTX software improvements, it’s built to deliver exceptional performance. Moreover, Pocket AI GPU is compatible with both Windows and Linux systems, ensuring wide usability.

You can check all its features below:

GPU architectureNVIDIA Ampere GA107
GPU clockBase Clock: 435 MHz Boost Clock: 1335 MHz
CUDA core2,048
NVIDIA Tensor Core64
Graphics Single-Precision Floating Point (TFLOPS)6.54 TFLOPS
GPU memory4 GB GDDR6
Memory clock6001 MHz
Memory interface width64-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)96 GB/s
TGP25 W*
interfaceThunderbolt 3.0 (PCI Express 3.0 x 4)
dimension(Without Rubber Case) 106mm x 72mm x 25mm (With Rubber Case) 110mm x 76mm x 32mm
weight250 grams
NVENC | NVDEC1x | 2x
operating systemWindows 10 Windows 11 Linux**
operating temperature0~40°C

ADLINK Pocket AI Design

When it comes to design, simplicity is the name of the game for Pocket AI. Encased in a protective rubber sleeve, it not only protects the GPU but shields users from its heat. The open bottom of the sleeve ensures optimal airflow, while the extended sides of the sleeve facilitate heat dissipation. The GPU’s striking black, silver and green color scheme creates a futuristic atmosphere, adding a touch of style to its substance.

ADLINK Pocket AI has a pretty basic design (Image credit)

There are two Lightning ports on the front of the GPU: one for power delivery (PD) and the other for Thunderbolt data connectivity. Meanwhile, a bottom-mounted intake fan draws in air, forcing it out the rear port. This clever design ensures efficient cooling, ensuring that your Pocket AI stays cool even during intense tasks. At the top, an upright status light and branding provide a sleek finish to the overall design.


ADLINK Pocket AI impresses with its compact size and affordability, but expectations need to be managed. In a head-to-head showdown, it’s up against the Intel Xe GPU, an integrated solution, and the high-end GA104 mobile processor with NVIDIA A5000 laptop GPU, 6144 CUDA cores, and 16GB of memory. Thanks to the folks at Storage Review for the benchmark chart!

BenchmarkIris XE 96 CoreADLINK Pocket AI
Luxmark Hall1828197914,226
Luxmark Food86918375,499
Procyon AI Speculation59264651

ADLINK’s Pocket AI may have three times less cores and four times less memory, not to mention 25W thermal and power limitations, but it offers a portable solution for those on the go. For developers and researchers with lightweight laptops that only feature Intel graphics, this pocket-sized GPU can give them the boost they need.

ADLINK Pocket AI Price

The Pocket AI is currently priced at $449, which some may consider high due to its onboard components. For comparison, the NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti is available at the same price point. This price may seem high, but it’s worth noting that many external and modular GPU options carry elevated price tags.

For example, the GPD G1, which includes an AMD RX 7600M XT GPU, costs about $800. The price of such devices can vary based on factors such as GPU performance, form factor and target audience.

Featured image credit: ADLINK

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